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Sell Your Car In Gloucester

Whether you’re in Gloucester or on the outskirts, we can help you to sell your vehicle for the best price. If you’re looking to get the cash for your car that you deserve then take the time to grab this opportunity by being able to market your vehicle to the most trusted car buyers within the UK. Rather than taking the traditional route of selling your car, why not sell it quickly, while getting the most money, with our online car buying comparison site.

We’ve got everything that you could possibly need right here to be able to get you the best deal for your vehicle. There’s no guesswork, no messing around, just us helping you find a buyer. We’re not like other online car buying service out there, we won’t ask for unnecessary information about your car and ask for you to fill in every form going, we’ll just ask for your reg number and off you go. So if its a fair value that you’re after, then look no further. Get the ball rolling today and head over to our online valuation tool to get your value.

How To Sell Your Car In Gloucester

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Did you know that you can get a value for your car right here in just under 60 seconds? That’s right, you can get the best offer for your car herE for free, and all we need is your reg number.

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Our free online car valuation tool can provide you with the best offers for your car. We will reach out to our trusted UK car buyers and all we need to be able to do this is your reg number. No personal details are required for us to be able to get you the offers that you deserve.

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Your offers will be delivered to you on a plate. You’ll have everthing that you need to know right there in front of you and the rest is down to you.

Once you have sold your car for scrap, the dealer will aim to call you within 3 working hours

Sell your car

Take your time reviewing your offers and find the one thats right for you. There’s no rush involved in selling your car. When your ready, simply select the deal that you like and sell your car. Your chosen car buyer will then be in touch to sort the final arrangements.

Sell by Manufacturer

Have a specific car make and model in mind that you wish to sell online? No problem. Select your manufacturer below and continue your car selling journey with Jamjar today.

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Car Selling Guidance

So you’ve decided that now is the time to sell your car but you need a little push, well you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got just what you need. A whole load of useful car selling guidance pages. Pages that are full of lots of information to help you out when it comes to selling your car. No need to worry as we’ve got everything covered right here for you. Discover all of our articles here and get your questions answered


How to sell my car

How to sell my car

Not knowing how to sell your car can be tough, but it doesn’t need to be. You can save time and money by trusting the team at Jamjar and letting us tell you all about how you can sell your car with our easy online car buying comparison site. Find out all about how you can sell your car with our basic how to tips.

Should I sell my car?

Should I sell my car?

Should you be in the position where you’re thinking about selling your car, then it’s a good job you’re here. We can help you to decide whether now is the right time to be selling your car. It’s a big decision and one that requires some thought. Get yourself clued up on some of the different factors that you might want to consider before deciding whether to sell.

Starting out when selling your car

Starting out when selling your car

You could start by advertising your car to get the ball rolling or you could save a lot of time and effort and get started by reading our useful articles. It’s so easy to get started and we can be there for you every step of the way. So let’s get going and find out all about the things that you might want to consider when starting out selling your car.


“I needed a quick and easy way to sell my car. Jamjar provided an excellent service.”

Joe Dean