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How do you know if you’re being offered a fair price for your VW? With many dealers and online buying sites, you don’t. Jamjar is different. We’ll present you with as many competitive offers as we can find so that you can choose the one that works for you. These offers come from trusted UK buyers who all want your car – if they don’t offer a good price, they’ll lose out to the competitors who do. With this in mind, you can have confidence that the best offers you see will be in line with current market valuations.

It’s simple to get offers for your Volkswagen

Simple if you compare with Jamjar, that is. Just follow our easy 3 step process to find the offer that’s right for you.

Enter a few details into our car valuation form

Our car valuation form is a straightforward way to give us the information we need to get you the best quotes. Enter your registration number and a couple of other things, like mileage and MOT status, and we’ll source great offers in seconds.

Compare your offers

We make your offers as easy to compare as possible. For each deal, you’ll see the overall price being offers, as well as any additional fees, the payment methods the car buying service offers and whether or not they have a collection service (and how much this might cost). With all this information in one place, you can find the best offer for your Volkswagen.

Speak to the buyer to finalise everything

The car buying services associated with us should contact you within 3 working hours of your offer acceptance. This conversation helps both parties make any necessary checks to ensure that they’re happy with the deal. For example, the buyer may want to check that you have proof of ownership, while you might want to double-check collection arrangements of the specifics of the payment methods.

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