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The WeBuyAnyCar website was launched and was one of the first names in the market to adapt the car buying and selling process into a digital format along much like ourselves here at Jamjar of course. WeBuyAnyCar offered valuations of your car for you so that you didn’t need to book an expert for the afternoon or drive to a dealership.

You know the story; they become a huge success and are still widely know today.

How WeBuyAnyCar do it

You’ll need to go to their website and enter your car’s details like the reg number and mileage. After that, they make you input your name, email, phone number and postcode. This means that they have your details on file so that they can contact you and send your valuation to you. However, they can also send you marketing emails and follow up with you about your valuation if you haven't sold it to them yet.

They’ll then ask you to drive to one of their branches dotted around the UK for a meeting. One of their team will perform a check on the car and assess the value. Only after this will you get the actual amount, they are willing to give you for your car. While you might get a ballpark figure online, the amount that you get will be subject to an inspection. This means that your price can potentially decrease.

If you agree to their final quotation, they’ll pay you, you'll then sign the car over and you’re good to go (without the car). This is what their terms and conditions look like: https://www.webuyanycar.com/terms-and-conditions/

How are we different

So we have a slightly different process for selling your car. The biggest one being that we won’t ask for any of your personal data until you accept a quotation for your car. That means that we won’t spam you afterwards to try and get you to sell, we’ll simply wait until you’re ready to sell your car. Once you’re ready, we’re here to help!

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We Buy Any Car History

Founded in 2006, We Buy Any Car was brought to life by two brothers; Darren and Noel McKee. Having grown to a network of over 400 drop-off points the company employ over 700 people across the UK. In recent years the brand is famous for bringing Philip Schofield into a series of adverts which have all become their biggest advertising campaigns to date. Their partnership with Philip Schofield seems to be ongoing with new adverts presenting themselves through the year.

Having branched out into letting customers sell their vans and even moving to the US market, their attention is spread across a number of avenues.

How we work

While the core of what we do is similar to We Buy Any Car, We strive to make it easier for people to use our website. Not only do we give you an instant valuation without needing any of your personal details, but we also let you choose from a number of offers from different buyers. This means that you're able to decide who you'd like to sell your car to giving you complete control over how you sell your vehicle and for how much.

Enter your reg number

Just enter your reg and we'll find out what car you have and collect the details we need to give you a valuation.

Compare the best prices

Take a look at the offers that our trusted buyers give you though our platform.

Improve & accept your offer

You can get more accurate offers by uploading images or accept one of the offers infront of you.

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Found the company very easy to work with and no messier about and found it easy to use

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Andy was a pleasure to deal with, literally purchased my RR Sport and collect in 24 hours and paid instantly, don't be fooled with other big companies, the deal with Jamjar is the deal !!!!!

D. glen • Bridgwater

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Car Selling Guidance

Selling your car isn’t always as easy as you had thought, that’s why we exist. We do all of the hard work for you so that you don’t have to, and we do it all for free. We’ve also put together a few guides for you to have a look at. We’re here to guide you through the process to have a look at our car selling guidance today!

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