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About jamjar.com

The Jamjar group has been helping customers find the right deal for their vehicles since 1997 and has served over 1 million happy customers.

We’re in business to help you realise the best price for your car with the minimum fuss.

We started with Sell Your Jamjar: the first ever online car buying service. It began in the ‘90s as a way to give every car owner the chance to sell their vehicle on, hassle-free.

Our experience in the car buying industry means we know better than anyone else how hard and expensive it can be for customers to work out the best way to get money for their motor.

That’s why we set Jamjar up in 2015. We were tired of seeing how hard it was for people to find the right deal so we created the solution: a fully-transparent online car buying service comparison site.

Jamjar.com gives you the best used car online service options and price possible. And as we keep it simple for you, you just need to enter your registration number and watch the best offers roll in from the best online car buying services throughout the UK. You can choose between offers including collection or delivered in person, offers with admin fees or without, instant bank transfers or not, you are in complete control who buys your car for the best possible price.

We are on hand to answer any queries you may have and once you choose your preferred offer we will value your sale and make sure the relevant company deal with you with service to match our own.