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Get the best valuation possible with Jamjar. The best part; we won’t ask you for your name or any other personal details

Give us your reg number

All we need is your registration number and we could have you a value for your car within seconds. Just simply enter your registration number into our FREE online valuation tool and we’ll get to work on finding you a value right away.

No need for any personal details

We can provide you with a whole list of offers for your vehicle and we don’t need a single piece of personal information from you. You’ll be pleased to know that you can keep all of your personal details to yourself as we have no need for them here.

Review your offers

Once we’ve got all of your quotes and presented them to you, all that’s left to do now is to review them and consider which one you like the look of the most. You’ll have all the information that you need right there in front of you to help you with your decision making too!

Bag yourself the best deal

When you’ve made up your mind and selected the offer that you’d like to go with, you just need to let your chosen car buyer know. After that, you just need to wait a couple of hours for them to pick up the phone and get in touch with you. This is when you’ll be able to arrange a date and time for your collection and organise payment.

How To Get A Value For Your Car with Jamjar

Did you know that you can use our free online valuation tool to gain the best possible value for your vehicle? Yes, that’s correct, it’s free and a great way for you to find out how much your car is worth. There’s no pressure to enter any of your personal details and if you just want to get a value for your car then that’s what we’ll give you. We’re here to help. You can get a free car valuation right here today and you don’t even need to enter your name, never mind anything else. Your registration number is all we need. Sound easy? Get your car valued right here within seconds, it’s so simple and easy.

Get a value for you car for FREE today

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. You can get the best deals for your car right here, right now. It’s all at the tip of your fingertips, there isn’t much more to it than that. Your registration number is all we need to be able to get you a value for your vehicle. No other online car buying comparison can give you a value for your car quite as we can. We don’t need any of your personal details to be able to get you your free valuation. So why not test it out and see how easy it is to find out how much your car could be worth here today?

Review your offers and compare before selecting one

If you go to your local car dealers, they’ll give you a price for your car, but why get just one price for your car when you can get several. We’ll provide you with multiple offers for your car so that you can choose the best deal for you. You can take your time and review your offers all from home and you don’t need to travel anywhere. All you need is you and your reg number and you’ll be well away from selling your car with Jamjar

No need for any excessive personal details

There is plenty of online cars buying comparison sites out there, and let’s face it they all do the same thing, but here, we like to do things differently. We’re unique. We want to help you get a value for your vehicle as quickly and easily as possible with no messing around. If you have to enter all of your personal details just to find out how much your car is worth, this is a waste of time and so much hassle. We can help you get a value for your vehicle in no time at all as we don’t require any of your personal information whatsoever! We don’t even need your name!

Check it out for yourself right here with our online valuation tool and see how you can keep all your personal and private information to yourself.

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Found the company very easy to work with and no messier about and found it easy to use

M. Kevin Phee • Hamilton

Andy was a pleasure to deal with, literally purchased my RR Sport and collect in 24 hours and paid instantly, don't be fooled with other big companies, the deal with Jamjar is the deal !!!!!

D. glen • Bridgwater

Great service and a very pleasant gentleman Andy who was very helpful. He made the whole transaction of purchasing my car very easy and stress free. Thank you was lovely to meet you!! 😊

M. Nasreen Syed • Plumstead

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