Should I powder coat my car parts?

Did you know that powder coats your vehicle’s wheels? Protecting the metal components on your car with powder coating can do more than just provide your car parts with a durable and sleek finish.

Discover the different roles that powder coating can play in today’s automotive game here.

What is powder coating?

A powder coating is a tough one to beat when it comes to the dependability and visual appeal of protecting the valuable metal components on your car. It first began back in 1950 and it was a great solution for a less toxic alternative to traditional paint. This has now morphed into this massive industry, especially within the automotive industry.

Today, you can find power coating on so many different types of appliances, such as microwaves, computer cases and even car jack stands. You probably don’t even realise how many things have been powder coated and all for good reason too. It’s no different with your car parts these days. From powder-coated wheels to suspensions and brake components, powder coating can be applied to your car in so many different ways.

The purpose of powder coating

As the name implies, the powder is applied as a powder as you would probably imagine. It is essentially a pigment in a solvent or water solution that can stick to metal and melt to form a coating.

When a layer of powder is applied properly, the coating will resist all of the unwanted contaminants that may come into contact with it. It’s a cheap and cheerful, cost-effective way of treating the bare metal on your car parts. Out of every car part there is, the one that always comes out on top is the wheels. Powder coating’s resistance to scratches, brake dust, and general road dirt, makes this type of protection great for wheels.

Why you should powder coat your car parts

There are pros and cons to lots of different coating protection products out there and this is no different when it comes to powder for your car parts. Using a powder coat for your car parts can be great and some of the pros of using the power can include:


Once powder coating has been set, it becomes one of the most resilient surface protectants of all time. So things like chemical contract, extreme heat, and any contact from anything not welcome, will more than likely be rejected thanks to the powder coatings, how amazing is that?

Great for the environment

Powder coating is so environmentally friendly compared to traditional paints and clear coatings. It doesn’t require thinners and it doesn’t contain any harmful compounds. It will be far more cost-effective over time, you just need to give it a chance.

Low costs

Wastage with powder coating is near enough non-existent compared to your traditional liquid paint. With no hardeners or solvents involved, as well as expensive clean-up chemicals, it makes the powder coating even more affordable for you, bonus.

Parts of your car to powder coat

Our cars are precious and updating them with some powder coating can do the world of good. The question is, how do you apply the powder coating? These are just some of the most common ways that you can customise your car with powder coating.


Your wheel rims are a popular car part that you can apply powder coating to. By doing this, it will mean that your rims will look shipshape for a very long time and be extremely durable for the harsh wear on the roads. Once you’ve applied the powder coating, your wheels will receive a luxury hard finish in any colour that you like. You could even powder coat it in the same colour to match your car if you wanted to.

Under the bonnet

Powder coating can be great for your engine. There are parts under your engine that would look great with some powder coating and for the colour scheme on your car. If you wanted to, you could go all out and have the entire chassis powder-coated. Your engine cover, if your car has one, makes for great use of some powder coating, give it a try and see for yourself.


If you think about the accessories on your car, such as your metal racks or bed rails, accessories like this would look great powder-coated, even more so if they matched your wheel rims as well. Powder coating can give you a great finishing, much better than what spray paint would. It serves well to protect your car from rust and it can look so professional, not to mention giving you that perfect finish that you want.

Powder coating might seem quite new and high-tech, but it has been around longer than you might think, at least for over 40 years anyway. It has been used for lots of industrial applications and now its made its way to the automotive industry. If you’re looking for a durable and lovely looking finish, powder coating could be the way forward and just what you’re looking for.