How to sell a cat D car

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How to sell a cat D car

It’s time to put your accident behind you. If your car has taken the majority of the impact when you had an accident and the car insurance assessors have declared your car a category D, you might be wondering exactly what this means.

Not to worry as we’re here to help with that. If your car has been placed into this category, it firstly helps people to know whether they can still buy and see a type of written off car.

Up until recently the four categories where A, B, C, D and the level of damage would decrease by category starting from A. However, category D has now changed. But what has it changed to?

What is a cat N?

Formerly known as a category D, category N is what is currently referred to under the new salvage categories. The old salvage category D meant that a car was repairable but the repair costs didn’t exceed pre-accident value.

Under the new salvage category N, this refers to vehicles that have sustained some damage but not to its structural frame. If a car is placed within this category, this means that the insurance company who has handled the claim has deemed that repairing the car would have cost more than replacing it.

You can sell on your category N car and if you’re wondering who to, then look no further.

Selling your category N car

Don’t stress! Selling your category N car doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be surprisingly easy to sell your car, especially with Jamjar!

We are the UK’s original car buying service comparison site that can provide you with a hassle-free service when selling your problem car.

We know that finding a buyer for your category N car can be a huge challenge sometimes. You could end up having a stressful experience selling your written off car, but not with us as we aim to make the sale process as painless as possible.

We buy all types of cars, including category N ones, so there’s no need to look anywhere else.

How to sell your written off car with Jamjar

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And the best part of all is that you get to choose the best offer for you. Sell your written off car and bag yourself the best deal.