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Why you should sell your Bentley with Jamjar

We can help you to sell your Bentley to the UK’s leading car buyers from around the UK. We can offer you a hassle-free comparison service with immediate payment and specialist buyer knowledge. If that sounds right up your street, then we would be delighted to help. Simply enter your registration number into our free online valuation tool and we’ll provide you with an instant valuation for your Bentley. It’s an easy, convenient, and most of all a very cost-effective way of selling your car in the most secure manner possible.


Bentleys come at a solid price and we can find you the very best offers when it comes to selling. We make it simple to move out of your current Bentley and straight into another by putting your car’s value at the forefront. Whether it’s a GT, GTC or a Flying Spur, we can help you to sell your car as quickly as possible. We can provide you with exactly what you want. We’re honest, flexible and can show you how to get the best deal.

How do I sell my Bentley?

Unsure about you’d go about selling your Bentley? If you want a valuation for your vehicle and most of all free from the thought of having to provide your personal information, then let us show you how we do it.

Gain your best valuations

We can help you to gain your best valuations for your car from all of our partners throughout the UK. It’s so easy and we don’t think that we could have made it any easier. You won’t need to give us any information other than your registration number. We just simply don’t need any of your personal details here.

Find the right deal

Once you’ve entered your reg number, you then just need to sit back and wait for our system to do its thing. We’ll then present you with the best offers from the best online car buying services throughout the UK. Take your time, have a good look through your offers, before making an informed decision about which buyer you’d like to go with.

Control who buys your car

You are in complete control when deciding who will buy your car for the best possible price, as well as service. You can choose from offers the include collection or delivery of your Bentley, whichever you prefer, as well as those with admin fees or without. It’s completely up to you.

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