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Why you should sell your Subaru with JamJar

Since we started back in 1997, we’ve been working hard to make sure that we provide you with the service that you deserve. From selling your car to scrapping it, we want to make sure that you get the best price for it. Your Subaru could be the best car that you’ve ever had, so parting with it might come at a cost. New or old, mileage or no mileage, we can get you the offers that you want from the buyers who want to buy your car. No hidden costs, just you and your car looking for a deal.


We’ve been helping customers for years to sell their car and now we can help you too. So whether you’ve got a Forester or a BRZ, our easy to use online valuation tool can provide you with a whole list of offers for your Subaru within seconds. It’s just you selling your car for the best price. It’s as simple as that.

How do I sell my Subaru?

How do you make sure you’re getting a good price for your Subaru? It’s a good question and one that many people will ask. Just follow our simple steps and you’ll get the best deals for your vehicle.

Enter your registration number

Selling your car has never been easier with Jamjar. All that we need to be able to get you the offers that you deserve is your registration number. There’s no need for any of your personal details here.

Choose the best deal for your vehicle

Once you’ve got all of your offers right there in front of you, you’ll be able to compare them, which will help you decide which one you fancy. You’ll have all the information that you need, with no hidden fees or nasty surprises. Just you and your offers are all that you need to get yourself the right price for your vehicle.

Secure your deal with the buyer

When you’ve found an offer that you like the look of and you’ve accepted it, you’re done. You can just sit back and wait for your chosen car buyer to give you a call, which is usually within a couple of hours. This is when you’ll be able to finalise everything and get all the little details sorted.

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