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Why you should sell your Toyota with JamJar

We buy any Toyota here at Jamjar. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to sell your brand new Land Cruiser or your standard hatchback, we can take it off your hands for you, whatever the model, whatever the age. If you’re wondering how it’s quite simple really. By inputting your registration number into our car valuation tool, we can provide you with an accurate quote for your vehicle.


We believe that selling your car with an online valuation with Jamjar is by far the easiest and most efficient way to get rid. We’ve been helping our customers to sell their cars for years, helping them to get an immediate valuation as well as getting the most out of a deal. You don’t need any of your personal details and once you’ve got your valuation, the rest can be sorted over the phone.

How do I sell my Toyota?

Do you want to sell your Toyota quickly, for a guaranteed purchase price? Look no further as our online calculator can provide you with the best competitive valuations.

Get a value for your car

The easiest way to get a value for your car is with Jamjar. We don’t think that we could make it any simpler for you. Simply just enter your registration number and off you go. We’ll do all the rest for you and you just need to wait to be presented with your list of accurate quotes.

Decide which quote you like best

Once we’ve got you a list of quotes from our most trusted car buyers from across the UK, you’ll be able to look over these and compare them before making a decision. You’ll have all the information that you need to be able to choose the perfect car buyer.

Secure your deal

Select your chosen car buyer then let them do the rest. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your phone to ring. When it does, this will be your chosen car buyer who will be ready to finalise the deal and make sure that everything is ready for the transfer ownership.

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