What are the Benefits if I Sell my Car Online?

If you are thinking "I want to sell my car" and need to do it fast you might want to sell your car online. Sell Your Jamjar collect any car for free.

If you are thinking ‘I want to sell my car’ and need to do it fast then you might want to try to sell your car online.

More and more car owners are looking to the internet to sell their vehicles as it is so convenient. With people leading such busy lives these days, many have little time to spend dealing with taking telephone calls from potential buyers.

If an appointment is arranged with that caller, who may be responding to an advert in a local newspaper or website, for example, more time and effort then has to be spent on meeting that person so they can view the car wherever the vehicle is stationed, no doubt usually at your home.

Many buyers of used cars may attempt to haggle or negotiate in getting you to drop your price and this is not always a comfortable experience, especially as negotiations are likely to take place outside your property.

If you want to sell your car in a more traditional way, then there is the expense of advertising and the hassle of having to arrange it. If you are adamant ‘this is the way I want to sell my car’, and then nobody comes along then you may need to spend even more money on keeping the advert running.

Of course, if you are looking for somebody to buy your car quickly, and weeks suddenly turn into months then it could be some time before you receive your money which is not ideal if you need the cash fast.

But it could not be easier to sell your car online as you just need to complete three simple steps. Enter your registration number and use the quick checkboxes to confirm your details are correct. Then select any extras your car has added to it and give details about ownership, service history and MOT.

Your car will then be valued and you will receive an offer by text or email (your choice) within three working hours. If you are happy with your offer price, you simply press Accept at the purchase offer page and make your way through to the Handshake section.

Then state where and when you would like the vehicle to be collected along with your payment details. Your payment will then be processed, usually within 24 hours, and your car will be collected for free.

If you thinking ‘what if I want to scrap my car? then the following cars are also bought for scrap including insurance write-offs, damaged cars, unroadworthy cars, MOT failures, junk and salvage cars, vehicles that are too costly to repair due to engine or gearbox problems, foreign cars which are not registered in the UK, fleet cars, part-exchange cars and abandoned vehicles if you are a local council or private property.



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