Ambitious Alfa Romeo is Set to Launch Nine New Cars by 2021

Alfa Romeo plans to launch its Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV at the Los Angeles Motor Show this month. This will reactivate a revitalisation for the Italian brand, to include up to nine new car launches over the next five years. Whisperings of these launches include a rival car for the BMW 5 series, a new sports car and a flagship large SUV. The positive reception that Alfa Romeo's 3 series-rivaling Giulia and the new Giulia-based Stelvio SUV, which will be selling in dealerships by summer 2017, has lifted the new boss Reid Bigland's plans to turn around faltering sales in recent years and inject some new life into the Italian brand with these new car launches. Alfa Romeo’s goal is to draw themselves up to the level of the German brands, such as BMW, but this is more of a long-term goal as it could take a considerable about of time to put this plan in action. Cadillac and Jaguar have also both embarked on massive product replacement and expansion plans, with SUVs figuring prominently in the growth curve. Bigland said: “Even with the new Stelvio SUV, we will only have 50 per cent coverage of the market. We need to pick our strategy and get it right. We have one chance to make the best possible car with every launch.” The new car launches are much needed as Alfa’s annual sales peaked in 2001 at just over 200,000 but since then have declined year on year and now stands at barely 60,000. Alfa Romeo, therefore, face a large uphill battle to meet sales targets and gather impetus to drive the new strategy for growth. Bigland and Alfa are expected to talk more about the Stelvio and the plan for future models at the Los Angeles Motor Show later this month.

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