What documents do I need to scrap my car?

Eventually, the time will come when a car has just had enough. It will have puffed its last breath and just become too expensive to repair or worthless to try and sell. If you are at this point, you might want to just get rid of, move on, and leave all the emotional history behind by choosing to scrap your car. But, before you do, ensure you have all the right documentation so as not to cause problems for yourself later. Find out exactly what documents you need to scrap your car here with Jamjar, the car buying comparison site.

The only centres legally permitted to scrap cars are Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) so they can responsibly and safely deal with hazardous parts, such as oil and batteries. Ensure you only deal with car scrap yards or recycling centres with an ATF licence, recycling your car anywhere else is a criminal offence. Find out more on the best ways to scrap your car here.

Documents needed to successfully scrap a car;

  1. Vehicle registration document (V5C)
    The vehicle registration document or V5C is the vehicle logbook this is the most important document needed for scrapping your car. It proves the car you are about to sell for scrap belongs to you and stops any unauthorised sales.
    Find out more here: Can I scrap my car without a v5c (logbook)?
  2. V5C/3
    Make sure to keep the yellow slip from your vehicle registration document known as the V5C/3 and ensure you get a receipt from the ATF.
  3. Certificate of Destruction (CoD)
    A centre with an ATF license is the only places authorised to issue the Certificate of Destruction (CoD). The V5C/3 is the section that needs to be completed and exchanged for a CoD, which then needs to be sent to the DVLA. The CoD is a DVLA approved certificate that states you have had your car recycled, and absolves you of any future responsibility for it. Additionally, the DVLA will automatically refund any unused road tax. Find out more about informing the DVLA when you’re scrapping your car.

If I don’t have a V5C (log book) can I still scrap my car?

If for whatever reason you can’t find and therefore don’t have your vehicle registration document (V5C) you can still scrap your car. However, you may want to read JamJar’s advice on this as it could save you some money.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have the V5C document to scrap a car it is not illegal – it just makes it more difficult.

You can pay the DVLA a £25 fee to replace a V5C document. Which is a simple solution if it has been misplaced, however when scrapping your vehicle you can save yourself this cost. You just need to notify the DVLA in writing to confirm you have sold the vehicle to the registered ATF as scrap.

There is no fee involved in doing it this way, all you will need to do is provide DVLA with the following:

  • Your details
  • The ATF details
  • Registration number, make and model of the car
  • Date of the sale

The DVLA will then update their database so you are no longer the registered keeper of the vehicle.

What if an ATF won’t scrap my car without a logbook?

Some companies may not buy a scrap car from you unless you have the vehicle registration document. Although it’s not illegal, in the past, local authorities have put pressure on the dealers to provide documentation for sales and purchases.

Since the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 came into effect, dealers are required to get a photo ID and proof of address from sellers, so now there is even better traceability, meaning dealers needn’t refuse the purchase due to a lack of V5C.

You are unlikely to run into this problem when trying to scrap your car with Jamjar. If your selected ATF is one of the few that still demand logbooks, and you don’t have yours, Jamjar will do everything to help facilitate the sale.

Scrapping your car without the logbook is made a lot simpler if you can provide a photo ID and a utility bill of the person selling the car.

Once you have the required documents, Jamjar makes scrapping your car easy. Merely enter your reg number below into our car valuation tool and the quotes will appear on your screen. All that’s left is for you to pick the best car scrapping deal for you.