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Read our 197 reviews

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Scrap Your Car In Cardiff

Scrap Your Car In Cardiff

Scrapping your car in Cardiff has never been easier. We know that one of the hardest problems with scrapping your car is finding a scrapper that you can trust. Well, look no further. We’ve got a huge network of trusted online scrap buyers who are sat ready and waiting to buy your scrap car. You’ll able to bag yourself a good deal and scrap your car with a reliable and trusted buyer.

Here at Jamjar, we can help you save time when it comes to scrapping and we put you at the centre of everything we do. We understand the value of your time, which is why we no longer require your personal details to be able to retrieve your huge list of offers, it’s unnecessary. We’ll find the best deal for your scrap vehicle so that you don’t have to. Enter your reg number, and we’ll get cracking.

How To Scrap Your Car In Cardiff

Get an instant quote

Simply enter your registration number to get an instant quote for your scrap car. It really is as simple as that. So if you’re thinking of scrapping your car in Cardiff, then look no further. You can get your FREE quote right here today.

Personal data is a thing of the past

Your personal information is precious, you know that and we know that, which is why we no longer ask for it. You can get a whole list of scrap quotes without having to enter a single piece of your personal info.

Consider all your offers on the table

Once you’ve shared your reg with us, you’ll be presented with a huge list of offers from our trusted network of scrap buyers. You’re in the driver’s seat so you can compare all the offers on the table, before choosing the one that’s right for you.

Choose the deal that’s right for you.

Found an offer you like? Just click ‘accept’ and your chosen scrap buyer will do the rest. You don’t need to lift a finger, everything is in hand. From paperwork to the collection, your chosen scrap buyer will sort everything for you.

Destruction certificate

Unless you’ve scrapped your car before, you might not have heard about this certificate. You can probably guess though that you’re going to receive a bit of paperwork when your scrap your car, just like you do when you sell it. When you scrap your car you’ll be issued with what is known as a Certificate of Destruction from the Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) that your scrap buyer has used to scrap your vehicle. It’s nothing fancy, it just lets the DVLA know that your car is no longer on the road and has been disposed of.

We got nothing to hide

Hidden fees, admin, and bank fees are not the type of thing that people like to see or hear about when they’re trying to secure a deal. One of the great things about Jamjar is that hidden fees are a no-go and if there are any fees involved, you’ll know all about these and they will be presented to you to help you with your decision making. You’re in control, if you like what you see, bag yourself the deal, or if not, just choose a different one.

Personal information is no more

Nothing is more valuable than your personal information when it comes to getting a value for your scrap car. Information like your name, email, and phone number should all be kept private for as long as possible when you’re scrapping your car. So we don’t ask for it and allow you to get yourself a free online car valuation without entering a single piece of personal information. It’s the way forward, we love it, and just know that you will too.

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Andrew Gilbert Verified Review

Very helpful & friendly advice. The purchase price was very competitive & much more generous than all the other websites that had quoted. Very convenient collection service too.

P Baker Verified Review

Perfect customer service where others failed. I tried to sell my van 3 times. Jamjar made it quick and easy where the others failed. Pleasure to deal with!

G Matei Verified Review

Very happy with selling my car through jamjar, got a good price, it was collected in the time slot agreed, prompt payment, no hassle. Highly recommended, thank you.

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Car scrapping sounds like such a chore, but actually, it turns out that it can be quite fun. Although it can sound like quite a daunting process if you’ve never done it before, there’s no need to panic as we’ve covered everything that you need to know, that will help get you started right here. Check out our car scrapping guidance below.