Frequently Asked Questions about all things Jamjar

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Frequently Asked Questions about all things Jamjar

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Around 25 seconds from start to finish.

Once you’ve completed our simple vehicle detail section we will instantly invite the best and most suitable online car buying companies in the UK to offer their best online vehicle purchase offer.

You’ll typically receive the best 5-17 UK separate independent online car purchase prices within seconds.

At the time of valuation, no one will see your vehicles or your personal details as we do not ask for these until you are in a position to take the process further by means of either, saving the valuations offered to you, accepting a valuation or using our Marketplace to try to gain a slightly higher offer for your vehicle.

If you accept a valuation the information will then take from you will only be delivered to the originator of the accepted valuation.

However, if you have not completed the scheduled sale to the originator of the accepted valuation we will ask you to either re-enter your vehicle details for a fresh set of valuations or enter your vehicle through our Marketplace system.

Once you have placed your vehicle through our Marketplace by adding your personal details and/or any additional vehicle details your information will be available only to suitable companies who have specifically asked us to alert them to vehicles such as your own.

Although we have over 100 online car buying companies associated with, our platform will decide who can offer you the best and most reliable valuations for your vehicle type and area the vehicle would be collected from or delivered too.

Your contact details are only shared with online car buying companies to assist with gaining you the very best online car purchase price.

Our service costs you nothing. We’ll take your details and your vehicle’s important information, invite the best online car buying companies to quote for your car and answer any questions you may have about the process, for free.

Jamjar is paid a minimal marketing fee from the online car buying companies who have helped achieve the highest prices and most appropriate logistical service for you.

The valuations and individual service or administration fees you receive on are contracted to be exactly the same as displayed on their own website and as their fees are paid then to us directly, you will pay nothing for our online comparison services.

We’re totally free for you to use.

We personally interview every online car buying company, we check their expertise, highlight the vehicles they are keen to purchase, set their vehicle and collection/ drop-off parameters and GDPR privacy policy. Only those companies that meet our high standards and share our philosophy of offering not only the best price but also the most convenient and secure methods of purchase are then invited to share our platform with the knowledge that they can be removed at any time if the highest standards are not maintained.

Yes, absolutely. We have decided not to have as a partner, we feel they do not offer the same customer philosophy as we do. We do offer the next largest and even more experienced and well established online car buying companies available in the UK, companies that truly share our philosophy of best price, best service. We’ve partnered with a number of large brand name firms who can offer the full-service solution and the required personnel for all vehicle types, cars and commercials, end of life vehicles ready for scrap right the way through to beautiful Bugatti’s.

Each online car buying company works according to their own terms and conditions which may be slightly better hidden within their own website. We offer full transparency for each individual quotation you are shown and we will give you the information and the difference between each company you need to help decide which online car buying site is right for you and your vehicle.

Whilst a great many of them do, some do not. Some offer both, collection or drop-off, some will offer just a drop-off price. Where they offer drop-off we have highlighted the distance you will need to travel to, to complete the sale.

Again we will give you the information within our results page of which services each company offers, helping you decide which online car buying site is right for you and your vehicle.

All of the online car buying companies that quote on our platform are independent and provide their quotes based on the complexity of many differing requirements. There is no hard and fast valuation of your vehicle and each online car buying companies have their own favourite makes and models, vehicle age including companies who specialise in end of life stage ready for scrap all the way to brand new, delivery mileage cars, mileage limits and collection radius plus many more differing pricing factors including current stock levels.

This is exactly why is for you. We take the individual information of your vehicle and the area you live in and produce you the best and most competitive offers from the online car buying companies most interested in your own individual vehicle.

Once you have decided upon the best offer, simply click on their quotation and you will be taken to their own website area to enter your address and/or collection address.

We will initially send you an email to the email address you have given, highlighting all the information about the car buying company you have selected.

They will contact you directly, normally within 3 working hours.

Online car buying companies on are independent UK businesses. Most of the biggest will collect from anywhere in the UK, some will have facilities for you to drop off anywhere in the UK, however some restrict themselves to a more local area. This is the reason it is so important we have your vehicle’s collection postcode so we can match all the best offer prices for you in your area.

Each company offers a free, no-obligation telephone call so you can discuss the price offer and finer details of the car or any special collection details in order to come to a final decision.

The online car buying companies you will receive purchase price offers through Jamjar comparison services are independent companies and it is, therefore, the company that will primarily be responsible for addressing your various needs. However, we take client satisfaction and online car buying company quality very seriously, so if an issue does arise please let us know and we will do our best to resolve it.

The vehicle’s collection postcode is a very important part of your overall valuation offer process.

Collection charges are normally based on the distance between our partners’ starting point and the distance to your vehicle’s collection postcode.

Every time you are given purchase offers, details of each purchase price’s valid time is also displayed on pc and are able to be opened on mobile and handheld devices. These may vary from each online car buying company so please do pay special attention to them.

We also give details for any administration costs, bank charges, collection or drop off fees within each comparative valuation making it easy to choose the best offer for you.

Yes, we are, we have worked very hard to get our GDPR policy completely compliant as we respect your privacy completely and will only work to gain you the best purchase or related services prices and offers for your current or future vehicles.

We will never give your personal information to any unrelated company or business sector with no relevance to the task of gaining you the best offers for vehicle-related purposes.

Please view our privacy policy for full details

Have we answered your question? We aim to give as much information as possible on our FAQ’s page.

If we have not answered your query here please visit our contact us page and we will answer you as quickly as we can.