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Why you should sell your Lotus with JamJar

If you’ve ever wanted to sell your Lotus but just never quite got round to it then maybe now is a perfect time. We can help you to sell your car. We’ve helped millions of customers over the years and we would love for nothing more than to help you too. All you have to do is enter your registration number into our online car valuation tool and follow our three easy, simple steps.


You can sell any car with us no matter where you are in the UK, no matter what you’re doing, we’ll always be here to help you. Selling your car with us is no problem. You just get your quote, make sure that you’re happy with it and we’ll arrange either the collection or delivery for you, whichever is easiest for you. All we want is to help you to sell your car with as little hassle and as little fuss as possible.

How do I sell my Lotus?

If you would like to get some cash for your Lotus then stay right there. We’re about to guide you through the 3 different stages of the car selling process using our online valuation tool and show you how you can get the best deal for your vehicle.

Enter your registration

If you need to sell your car quickly, then we believe that Jamjar is the way forward. Just enter your registration number and we’ll get back to you with some of the fairest offers for your car. You don’t need to do anything else apart from sitting back, relax and watch the best offers from the most trusted UK car buyers roll in.

Compare the best offers

It’s all about getting you the right value for your car. So that you’ve got plenty of values to choose from, we’ll provide you with a huge list of offers so that you can compare before deciding which offer you like best.

Wait for your chosen buyer to get in contact

When you’ve found your offer and you’ve accepted it, you’re pretty much done. There’s nothing else for you to do except for waiting for the phone to ring. This will be your chosen car buyer calling to check some details and to finalise your deal.

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