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The Best Way to Sell Your Car Online

March 3, 2018

The Best Way to sell your Car Online

We all know selling a car is a daunting task if it’s something you’ve never done before, but doing this online is the easiest and most convenient option. Here’s our 7-step guide to making sure you follow the essentials and more importantly making sure you get a great deal today.


Scrap or Sell? 

The policy of each online used car seller varies, some maybe strict to only functional motor vehicles within a certain age bracket.

Most online sellers, like jamjar.com are very competitive, but we are very flexible on what we purchase whatever the condition and also deal with scrappage.


What Information will I Need to Provide? 

General information you’ll need at hand will be:

• Registration number

• Mileage

• Service History

• Has the car passed its MOT and when?


Choosing the Best Website

When looking at websites you must make sure that the website is a legitimate company as you will be entering your personal details.

Check to make sure that they have a good reputation with customer service as you want to be able to discuss all options with them and at hand if anything urgent arises.

It’s good practice to check reviews of your chosen website and also establish how long they’ve been in the sector. For good comparison, we’ve been trading for 18 years, with entrenched links to 300 collection operators in the UK, ensuring that wherever you are – we can collect.


Get Your Car Valued 

Before you start putting your car on the marketplace make sure you know how much your vehicle is worth, doing this online means it’s quick, convenient, with no obligation.


Finding the Best Price 

Prices are usually valued on the vehicles age, condition, history and measured against other

After getting a good comparison on the marketplace it’s time to consider who to go with, 3 things to consider are:

1. Administrative fees?

2. Bank fees?

3. How long will it take payment to come through to your bank account?

Luckily, with jamjar.com there’s no fees, free collection from one if our local representatives payment is near-instant and no extra cost.



Let’s face it, when you’ve accepted the price you want the collection to be as smooth as possible, make sure a price has been firmly agreed between both parties and beneficial time is set.

We make sure that one of our operatives are in contact as soon as possible and aim for your vehicle to be picked up within 3 days.


What you Need to do Next

If you’ve followed these steps you should have received a fantastic deal. Please ensure that if you’ve sold your car or van that you let the DVLA know and if your vehicle has been sent to scrap, make sure to get a certificate of destruction.

And that’s it! As you can see it’s easy to start selling your car or van online and if you still feel stuck or unsure who to go with, why not try us – we’d love to help and as you can see, have got the process down to a T to make the transaction is as fast as possible.

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