Car Buying Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Buying a car can be a big decision and a tough one to say the least. But how do you go about buying the right car? With our top tips the car buying experience doesn't have to be a scary or stressful for you ever again.

With Halloween just around the corner, there are all kinds of ghosts and monsters creeping around ready to give you a fright but car dealerships are not one of them. Car dealerships work hard to help people overcome their fears of making what quite possibly could be one of the biggest purchases of someone’s lifetime. When it comes to it, many people are actually rather afraid of buying a car as they are scared to make a choice, terrified about making a mistake and sometimes nervous of the thought of having to interact with a salesperson. But, car buying doesn’t have to be scary.

Here are our top tips that will help you to choose and purchase your new car:


If you’re unfamiliar with the car buying process or you don’t do it very often, then it’s crucially important that you do your research. Conducting your research allows you to eliminate vehicles and brands that do not fulfil your needs and requirements. Make yourself a shortlist of potential cars, taking into account different sizes, engines and various gadgets and gizmos that some cars may have. In doing this, it will help to prevent you from buying a car that is completely unsuitable for your needs as well as helping you to set a budget.


When buying a new car many of us talk about getting ripped off and paying too much. The price of a car is quite arguably the largest factor that should be taken into consideration as we’re all looking to bag ourselves a bargain. Price is vitally important when we’re considering whether to buy a recent-year used car or a brand new model. For example, no two used cars are the same, due to mileage and conditions, and what most people are seeking is to bag a deal that’s better than what the average person paid for that particular car.


Even if you’ve done your homework and you feel prepared, you may still feel nervous about buying a new car. When you walk into a dealership it can be nerve-racking so some level of anxiety is completely understandable due to the highly pressurised environment. So if you’re looking to feel more relaxed and make the car buying process a little less scary, you should try and seek out reputable dealerships as not only will they reduce your amount of anxiety, they will also listen to your car buying needs as opposed to trying to force you into making a decision.


When it comes to buying a car, safety is a top priority. Some of us can become distracted by a vehicles appearance and disregard any safety rating and features but a vehicle’s safety is extremely important. So when you walk into a dealership and you feel tempted to look for a flash car that has all the latest technology, while it’s important that you buy a car that you enjoy driving and looks stylish, remember that safety comes first and should remain at the forefront.


Before you actually sign on the dotted line, make sure that you have taken your perspective car for a test drive as there’s nothing worse than buying a car to get home and realise that there’s something not quite right. You want to ensure that your car is comfortable and not only for yourself but for all the family. Take the family along with you to see if everyone fits, see how it drives and test it on a range of different range of roads, as well as those roads with poor surfaces.


Haggling is not just a dealer’s skill, it’s also expected of you too. Many say that you should never pay the full price for a car. Although haggling can be daunting, you should give it your best shot, provided that your haggling opportunities are not limited. Our top tip is to go in with a lower price than you’re willing to pay as this will give you room to negotiate upwards and once you have made an offer, don’t speak until the salesperson speaks.


When purchasing a new car, bear in mind that a lower monthly payment doesn’t necessarily mean a cheaper car. You may be given the option to look at various different financing options when looking at financing through a dealership, some of which may offer a lower monthly payment. Occasionally, the interest in a car can mean that you actually end up paying more for a car, despite the fact that you have a lower monthly payment. You’ll feel much more at ease knowing that you’re able to get a great financial deal that you’re in a position to easily pay for.


Going to the dealership to purchase a car is all about personal interaction. Be friendly and polite with the salesperson as if you approach the salesperson with what would be considered a reasonable and pleasant price, then you may just be able to bag yourself a discount or benefits. So be upfront and just bear in mind that if you strike up a friendly conversation with the salesperson, it could just make their day, as well as yours if they offer some discounts.

Eventually, the time will come when it’s time to sell your car and when it does, not to worry as we’re on hand to help you get the best possible price. We’ll always get you the best car valuations from expert car buyers across the UK. So, when the time comes, check out our guidance page for more information on how you can receive an accurate valuation for your car you’re looking to sell.


If you’re buying a used car, whether it’s a dealer or a private sale, it worth using a car check service to make sure that you’re not being scammed! Depending on the level of car check that you get, you should be able to see the mileage over time, the technical details like engine size and chassis number and even whether or not it’s been stolen. Some services like Free Car Check will ask for payment for some of the details but finding out whether or not the car has been stolen is worth it!

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