You’ll Never Believe these Foreign Driving Laws

If you enjoy driving and you love travelling around the world, then this might be a good one for you to read. It might be best to avoid driving in Cyprus and Denmark too. If you thought that the UK had some weird driving laws, you'll be amazed when you read this.

Going abroad soon? You might want to be careful if you’re travelling to any of these countries.

1. Cyprus: the country that will see you go hungry

If you like the odd little snack when you’re behind the wheel then you’ll be starving in Cyprus. If you’re caught munching or sipping a bit of water then you could face some points or even a fine. How ridiculous is that? That’s not the only thing that you get fined for though in Cyprus. If you’re a driver who loves to make rude gestures at other motorists, then you might want to think again. Our advice would be to keep both your hands on the wheel at all times.

2. Denmark: the country that’s on the look out for children

Wait a minute. Don’t even think about getting in your car until you’ve checked underneath it. “What am I looking for?” I hear you ask. Well, in Denmark, it’s a legal requirement that you check underneath your car to make sure that there are no children before you start the engine. Bizzare right?

3. Germany: the country where you don’t want to breakdown

If you’re even considering entering onto the Autobahn then you might want to double-check that you’ve got enough fuel. Although the majority of us would do this anyway before making a trip somewhere, it’s even more important in Germany. Why? Because it’s illegal to stop or break down for

4. Russia: the country that wants everybody to be clean

Russia just loves to see everybody getting their hands dirty. Sometimes we’re tired and just can’t be bothered to clean our car and other times we just couldn’t care less whether it’s a little dirty, there are more fun things to be doing than cleaning our cars, right? Well, not in Russia. If you don’t wash your car often enough then you could face a fine from the police. But what’s considered to be often enough? Well, that’s up to the police.

5. Switzerland: the country that doesn’t wash

Did you know that in Switzerland it’s illegal to wash your car on a Sunday? Why? Because Switzerland prohibits the use of a power washer on a Sunday. Absolute madness.

6. Japan: the country that hates getting wet

Steady on when you’re driving in Japan. We thought they only had “no splashing” signs at the swimming baths but it sounds as though Japan has them too. If you’re driving along the road and you think it would hilarious to soak those pedestrians, then think again. as this is illegal. Similarly, this is also illegal in the UK and to be honest, we can understand why.

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7. Spain: the country that looks after those who struggle to see

Fantastic idea! If you wear glasses and you’re heading over to Spain then don’t forget to take a spare pair of glasses with you. In Spain, it’s the law that if you wear glasses then you must always carry a spare pair with you in the car at all times. Great idea, huh?

8. Thailand: the country that likes to get sweaty

Heading to Thailand? You might want to think of some alternative ways on how you can cool down behind the wheel because travelling topless is a no-no. In Thailand, it’s illegal for both men and women to travel topless and if you’re caught doing so, then expect a fine.

9. France: the country that wants to smell your breath

We’re all familiar with how dangerous drink driving is and it’s probably fair to say that France has hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s the law in France that you must carry a breathalyser in the car with you at all times. Doesn’t sound as daft this one, does it? We reckon we could probably get on board with this.

10. Alabama: the state that likes to play blind man’s buff

Just in case you or any of your friends get any ideas, did you know that it’s illegal to drive while blindfolded in Alabama? It looks as though they actually need a law for this within Alabama, strangely enough, which makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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