Can I change the colour of my car – everything you need to know

Thinking of changing the colour of your car? Before diving straight in, find out everything you need to know here and whether or not it's worth changing it.

Bored of your car colour? If you fancy a change using a car wrap is the way forward. You can change the entire colour of your car instead of going out and buying a new one. You can go from one extreme colour to another, and cause no harm to your car’s natural colour and here’s how.

First things first, ask yourself is this worth it, is this what you want? We all probably get bored of our car colour from time to time and think about changing it, but it can be emotional.

Looks are everything to car owners and although it can be tricky to feel classy in a car that might have a few scuffs on it, would you rather change the colour or just try to carry on and live with the colour as it is for now? These are just some of the things you might want to consider before you go down this route.

Does it cost an arm and a leg?

Cost is more than likely going to be the next question on your mind. It depends on if you want to paint your car with cans of spray paint, which would cost you a shed load of money. Or you could use car wraps, which are much easier and more affordable.

Investing in a color-changing car wrap means you’ll be giving yourself a more efficient and cost-friendly to give yourself the colour car that you want. Depending on the quality of the wrapping, you could find yourself spending a bit, but if it’s a professional job that you’re after, then what do you expect? Find yourself a great car wrapping company and the sky is the limit.

It’s all in the preparation

If only changing the colour of your car was a one-day job. So much preparation goes into changing the colour of your car, from rubbing, sanding and degreasing, you’ve probably got a long way to go until the job is finished.

These are just some of the steps that’s involved in the prep work before painting a car:

Cutting: if you’re getting your car painted, then removing the first layer of the old paint is going to be top of the list of jobs and this proper term for it is called ‘cutting’.

Sanding: professionals will usually use a proper sanding machine for this part.

Priming: just find the rough surface of your vehicle and get a good quality primer on it and jobs a gooden. You’ll have a smooth surface in no time.

Fixing: if your car has some bumps and lumps on it, a few scratches here and there then fixing these before the professionals get to work on the colour is key.

Now that you can see the specific process that professionals have to follow so that they can get that smooth and shiny finish, you’ll see that proper preparation is vital. No one wants an average finish, but if you neglect the preparation, that’s what you’re going to get.

Put your own stamp on it

You’ll be surprised at how many different colours there are to choose from when you’re changing the colour of your car. You can even pick your own finishing touches if you wanted to as well.

Whether you fancied matte, textured, metallic or gloss, take your pick. From a glossy wrap job to a colour that’s bold and bright to stand out, or maybe you fancy a matte electric colour, something to catch your eye.

If you’re open-minded and fancy some crazy out-there ideas, you could always brainstorm with your car wrap company to see what ideas they have and see what they can rustle up for you. You could be as bold and bright as you like thanks to the options you have available.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining your car’s new colour might seem like the easy part, but it can be harder than you think. Put it this way, the more that you care for your new car wrap colour, the longer it will last. If you can avoid car washes, and hand wash your car instead, the wrap will last you longer. Automatic car washes won’t do you any favour and could wrap the material that your car wrap is made of.

Washing your newly coloured car is probably going to be the trickiest part of maintaining it. Wash it, apply the solution, and then let it air dry. It’s simple. Plenty of shade, and not too much sun, you don’t want to ruin the shine.

Removal of all removals

Changing the colour of your car might not be what you want in the long term, especially if you’re prone to changing your mind. Let’s say a few years later down the line, you decide you want to switch the colour up again, thanks to colour-changing wrap, you can do this. If you want to go back to your old colour or even a new colour, no problem.

If you decided to go down the traditional paint job route though, then your paint results would be permanent and there would be no way for you to switch the colour apart from getting a new paint job altogether. We all know what that means, forking out more money. Colour wrap makes this job easier and it’s easier to remove too.

Winding up – things to consider

Folks! We’ve shared all of the most essential things with you that we think that you should know before changing the colour of your car. Think wisely before you decide on changing the colour and you’ll be fine.

Any doubts, don’t do it. Be sure that it’s the best thing for you to do and last but not least, if you do decide to get rid of your car altogether and go for a completely different make, model and colour, you know where we are.

We would be more than happy to help you out selling your car and get you the best price possible for it from our top UK car buyers from here within the UK. If you want to see how we do it, just pop your reg in and watch us do our thing.

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