How to store a classic car

Owning a classic car comes with huge responsibility, one of which is knowing how to store it. Find out more on how best to store your classic here.

Now we don’t know about you, but nothing comes close to wanting the best for our classic car. They become part of the family so it’s no doubt you want to look after them the same way too and want the best for them.

Here are our top tips on storing your classic.

Hibernation prep

If you cherish your classic car and want to make sure that it’s prepped for storage first before you go shutting it away for however long.

Unsuitable storage can be costly, and we’d hate for you to be slapped with a massive repair bill once you bring it back out onto the road. So, to help you keep your pride and joy safe and in good nick, listen up.

Plonking your classic in storage isn’t one of the best ideas but it is necessary at times. So, to help prevent it from seizing up, here’s what you can do.

Top 5 simple tips:

  • With a bit of elbow grease, give it a good scrub both inside and out
  • Wax and polish that stunning bodywork for extra protection
  • Charge the battery or if not, you could just remove it
  • Check all your fluids and make sure that they’re full

With these simple tips, you can help make the transition of your classic to and from storage smoother than ever. At the same time, you’ll be doing your pockets a favour too.

Where to store your classic?

The most obvious answer to this one would course be a garage. This has to be the best place to store your classic car.

The one place to avoid though, at all costs if you can, would be pre-cast concrete units. These are like a sweatbox and will do your classic no favours whatsoever. If you had no choice but to use one though, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. You could always cover your car first with a plastic tent with fans to keep the air moving inside.

Window-wise, if your car is stored in the garage then you’re lucky enough that you can afford to leave the windows open slightly so that your car doesn’t smell icky.

If you’re not so fortunate to be able to store in a garage and your car is left outside, then this might prove to be a bit tricky trying to protect it from all the elements. From window rubbing and condensation, you’d at least just want to make sure that you wrap it up as tightly as you can.

Cover all the nooks and crannies if you can, no matter how small, or you can even get a purpose-built cover if you prefer.

Thinking about using tarpaulin? We wouldn’t go there. Your car will be gasping for air and struggling to breathe.

Want to know our biggest top tip? If you take anything away from reading this, then please let it be this. If you can’t store your classic in a dry and safe environment, then it’s a good idea to let it have a full tank of fuel as this helps to reduce the space for water to condense. Who would have thought it ay?

Wellbeing check

Every now and then, you should pay your classic a visit and just give it the once over to check that everything is ok. Start it up here and there just to give it a run-through and get the engine going. Once you’ve checked that everything is in working order, you’ll have peace of mind and you would have also helped to prevent battery death too!

If you fancy taking It for a quick spin around the block too, this could help loosen it up a little bit and get the engine fluttering. And if you’ve missed it and fancy putting it a bit more time into it, like checking for any damp, mould, or condensation, then nows you chance and you could save it from any permanent damage too.

With the above steps, you should be able to safely and securely store your classic and have it looking spic and span for when you want it again.

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