Should We Have Built-In Breathalysers in Every Car?

Would having built-in breathalysers in every car help to reduce drunk driving incidents? Preventing drivers from starting their car if they appear to be over the limit, having a built-in breathalyser in every car could be beneficial.

If there was a safety feature that could be installed into your car that would aid in preventing thousands of deaths each year, would you have one? Many feel that an in-car breathalyser is vital for the safety of the driver, passengers, and anyone else on the road, but what do you think? Should all cars be equipped with a breathalyser to prevent fewer cases of drink driving or would this just be another right being stripped from citizens and punished on the entire population if it were to include those who don’t drink at all?

Trialed in the UK last year by Durham Police, the force planned to offer the test for free to those motorists that are repeat offenders or those people who struggle with an addiction to alcohol. Preventing drunk drivers from driving their vehicle, a breathalyser would essentially act as an immobiliser, also known as an alcohol interlock, which would require drivers to breathe into it to prove that they are safe to drive and under the limit, before the car can be started. In addition, drivers would also be required to breathe into the breathalyser at random intervals throughout the course of their journey.

As you’re probably already aware, drink driving is deadly dangerous. If you are found under the influence this could have serious consequences as the penalties for drink driving are also serious, meaning that you could potentially face the following:

  • 3-6 months in prison
  • a minimum 12 month driving ban
  • an unlimited fine
  • a criminal record

Drink driving can seriously impact your life and even though you may think that you won’t get caught, if you do, you could risk having a criminal record, lose your independence, and even your job. So think twice before getting into your car and driving while under the influence.

You may think that even if you just have one drink that you’re still ok to drive, however, it’s important to remember that even small amounts of alcohol can slow your reaction times, which increases your risk of crashing. The legal drink-drive limit is dependent on numerous factors such as gender, body mass, and how quickly your body absorbs alcohol. To help save lives and prevent drink driving accidents, it’s probably best to stay away from alcohol entirely if you are driving.

So what do you think? Should car breathalysers be a standard piece of equipment on all vehicles? Although they may sound like an inconvenience, they save lives every day and if every car was fitted with a breathalyser, you could guarantee that the number of accidents, injuries, and deaths caused by drink driving would decrease, allowing everybody to arrive at their destination safely.

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