Tesla’s new Model S design

Find out more about the new Tesla Model S upgrades, facelift and more from Jamjar. We love the way that the Tesla fleet, although this was controversial.

Tesla has been at it again working its magic as the Model S range has had a shake-up. First hitting the road back in 2012, wait until you see it now! If you an interior kind of person, and car interiors really get you going, then you’ll be buzzing when you see this dash! Rumours can do one not as we’re about to reveal the revamp here.

Car’s can have facelifts too

The burning question that we’re all dying to know is what can the Tesla Model S bring to the table? Well, you’ll be buzzing to know that the new 2021 model has had a pretty good shake-up, its interior revamped, and a new 1,006bhp tri-motor Plaid powertrain! Not enough for you? It’s also on its way to being ahead of the Porsche Taycan and has chrome delete on most trims! Not only has the new Tesla model provided us with plenty of new features, let’s not forget that they’ve even done a grand job of providing us with not one, but two trim lines…yes you heard that right.

Let us break it down for you:

1. Long-Range – you’ve got your entry-level variant, reasonably priced at £83,980, claiming a range of 412 miles, decent.

2. Plaid – starting off with a hefty price tag of around £110,980, and giving us a maximum range of about 390 miles, you’d do ok with this

3. Flagship Plaid+ – hitting the shelves at £130,980 and claiming to be more efficient than the Porsche Taycan, hitting 520 miles, you’d probably be able to make it to London to Manchester and back, and you’ll still have some miles leftover thanks to the electricity and top speed that this bad boy’s got.

Chrome cosmetics and Tesla tech

Let’s cut straight to the chase. It’s pretty clear that Emre Husmen, designer of the exterior of the new Model S, is one talented man.

As you can see from the outside, the new model features a wider body, which we love, the bigger the better, along with a new rear diffuser, chrome delete on most trims, as well as some stunning new headlights. They’ve even pushed the boat out and updated their wheels slightly too, just slightly, you’d still be able to tell that they are similar to the existing Arachnid wheels. From taking a walk around the new model, you can instantly see the sharp cuts and the folds, which instantly make it feel that more aggressive. Everything just looks and feels slimmer, even the headlamps have lost weight! Stepping inside, the interior tweaks just keep on coming and that’s what we like. Brace yourself, as there’s a whole new world of digital sitting in the Model S. From the 17-inch infotainment system and fresh charging pads, with room for two devices upfront and two at the back. If you don’t normally enjoy the back seat, then maybe your own screen in the back that you can watch films or play video games on could persuade you.

Let’s not even get started on the dashboard! The stereo has had its speakers revamped with buyers getting a new 22 speaker, 960-watt system with active noise cancelling. And check this out, Tesla has even made a claim that it can supply enough power to charge a laptop and keep everyone’s phone topped up at the same time! If that’s not tech enough for you, we don’t know what is. That’s not even half of it. Tesla has done more than just up the tech on the Model S. There is more legroom and headroom now more than ever and their steering wheel is just something else. At a glance, it looks more like a flight yoke.

If you’re looking for the dashboard part of the steering screen, you’ll find this to the left and right of the central Tesla logo. With touch-sensitive buttons for the entertainment system and driver assistance, the wheel itself has been reshaped into a more geometric octagonal arrangement, it’s just fascinating. If you manage to get your hands on one of these, the steering wheel will even keep your hands warm, so you’ll never have to freeze your fingers off while driving again. But just how safe is it, really? Yes, it looks fancy and the design goes well with the interior, but it’s a rectangle, and surely it’s no longer a wheel? Tesla isn’t dumb, we all know that we’re sure that they’ve thought this all through.

Let’s talk gears. Tesla is getting more creative than ever and this one just blows our mind. Thanks to their new gear shifter designs, they’ve created a new method for shifting. It’s shocking but basically, the car guesses drive direction based on what obstacles it needs to see context and navigation map. It’s madness, we know. We’re not so sure but it sounds epic! So that’s no gear shifter, no turn signals, and no indicators, can you imagine? Who would have thought we’d see the day with no more stalks.

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