What Makes UK Drivers Most Angry When Behind the Wheel?

Although we might not like to admit to getting angry while behind the wheel, it does appear to be a common occurrence for Brits. There are just certain situations when we're on the road that makes us want to scream and shout and we've listed just a few of those here.

How angry are UK drivers when they’re on the road on a scale of 1 to 10?

Here’s a list of just a few things that supposedly grind our gears when we’re out and about on the road:

1. Lunatic lorry drivers

Ok, so not all lorry drivers are lunatics when driving on the road, but some just speed, tailgate people and veer in and out of lanes without a care in the world. If you’ve experienced a crazy lorry drive when you’ve been out and about then you’ll know how terrifying they can be and how you’ll do just about anything to try and avoid them.

2. Cyclists who don’t move

We’re all familiar with the fact that we have to share the road with our fellow cyclist friends, but surely the rules of the road apply to cyclists too. There’s nothing worse than when you’re on a small country road with hidden dips and you have a cyclist taking up the middle of the road. You’d think that they would at least be able to move over slightly to let cars past. While drivers want to allow cyclists an equal right to the road, they also want to ensure that they don’t run them over and cause an accident.

3. Pedestrians who run out in front of you

Now we’re sure we’ve all been there at some point when driving on the road and bam, we’re suddenly overwhelmed by the pedestrian that has just run out in front of us. But why is it that so many pedestrians take so many risks these days by running out in front of moving vehicles thinking that they can get across quickly without being hit by a car? There’s those who don’t even look and just run out, but there are also those people who do look and then panic when they realise that they’re in the middle of the road and the car is gradually coming their way. Safety first.

4. Impatient drivers

Ever experienced a fellow driver on the road who decides to put his foot down just to get past you? It’s quite common as we’re sure you can imagine, but there’s nothing worse than when you’re driving in a single lane for it then to split into a double and the driver behind you accelerates so harshly just to get past you. It just seems ridiculous as once they’re past you, they then have to instantly slow right down as the road goes back down to one lane again. Was it really necessary just to get past one car?

5. Lazy drivers who can’t be bothered to signal

We should all be familiar with the rules of the road, which includes signalling when making a turn. However, why is it that some drivers just completely ignore this almost like it just doesn’t apply to them because they’re special? It’s infuriating having somebody in front of you who’s turning but for some reason just doesn’t let other drivers on the road know of their intentions. It’s almost like we have to guess or that we should instantly know what the driver in front is going to do and when they’re going to turn. It’s irritating and there’s simply no excuse for lack of signalling, not to mention it can be incredibly dangerous too.

6. “I got a text” those who think they can multitask

This is something that perhaps most of us wouldn’t like to admit to having done, but let’s be honest, I bet we’ve all tried to have a sneaky peek at our phones while we’re driving on the road. Yes, it’s dangerous and we’re all aware of that, but so many of us have probably done this at some point. It’s quite common these days, due to advancements in car technology, that drivers will make and answer phones calls when driving on the road, but texting is just another level and is something that just seriously shouldn’t be done when you’re on the road.

7. Tailgaters who need to get a life

Tailgating is very common and something that we Brits get wound up about. There’s just nothing worse than having somebody right up behind you and you know that if you just slightly tapped on your brakes that they would get even closer. It can be quite terrifying seeing somebody so close, but it’s like tailgaters just don’t even care. Seriously, what’s the point? It’s dangerous, risky and just something that nobody should do as it can cause accidents.

8. Drivers who don’t like to share

So, you’re stuck in a bit of a pickle and you’re in the wrong lane or you just simply need to merge in, but there’s that one person who just refuses to let you in. Yes, I’m sure we’ve all been there. There are probably loads of drivers out there who pretend like they haven’t seen you or act like they’re purposely trying to cut you off, but what’s the point? It’s just annoying and dangerous.

Next time you’re on the road, just think, could any of the above actually be you? If you’ve had enough of drivers who don’t sodding signal and you’ve reached the end of your tether, you might just want to sell your car altogether. If so, head over to our homepage and see how much your car is worth.

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