How Much is my Car Worth?

Ever wondered how much your wheels are worth? Find out right here and take a look at the all the different factors that we take into account.
How Much is my Car Worth?

With the value of old diesel vehicles plunging in the UK, the second-hand car market in the UK is in a slight stagnation period. Other disruptions in the market are coming, including Brexit and with plans for no diesel or petrol cars by 2040, we are not likely to see a huge surge in a diesel car or van prices anytime soon. Taking this into account, now may be a good time to ask “how much is my car worth?” and we’ll look at all the factors when it comes to car valuation.

MOT and Road Tax

When selling a vehicle, it puts you in good stead with the prospective buyer with a fresh MOT check, the most you can be charged is around £60 but you can incur further charges if any issues crop up or if it fails the MOT.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Road tax, new rules enforced in 2015 mean this can’t be transferred with the vehicle, however, you can collect a refund by contacting the DVLA.

With the vast number of online buyers such as JamJar, who purchase vehicles without tax or MOT, your selling experience is just a case of filling in your registration number in a form.

Condition, Appearance, and Interiors

The condition of your vehicle is a very important aspect, especially if you’ve gone down the route of selling your car online via. eBay or Gumtree, as buyers will judge the state of the vehicle by its outward presentation.

Therefore, you want to make sure your vehicle looks appealing as possible and iron out as best as possible, obviously this is not something a novice will be able to do and will have to be taken to a garage for any permanent fixes incurring a cost.

How Old a Car is

If your car was made after 2001 you should be able to identify the age by the registration number, which can be seen in the 3rd & 4th digit within the number plate.

With any car made before 2001, this should be the last character on your licence plate ranging from the letter A to Y.

Age is a factor in the value of your car but not the be-all and end-all of your valuation.


Through some services, the greater the mileage – the lower the value of the car, the customer sees high mileage vehicles as having the most wear and tear.

Therefore, you may be thinking that if your car is above the annual average then you’d be looking at selling for a bargain price.

However, this isn’t exactly fair and the best practice is to get in contact with a certified vehicle expert as the valuation isn’t as simple as the above and there are other ranking factors when it comes to valuation.

Sell your Car Right Now

The great thing about selling your car or van online is that most of the major online car buying service take the vehicle in whatever condition.

One of the ways stands out from the crowd is that it has 18 years of experience in buying cars through online services and uses a panel of certified experts when it comes to valuating each vehicle individually.



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