Audi Plans to Build a New Car Set for the Moon

On Planet Earth, Audi has well and truly cemented itself as a leader in car manufacturing and certainly has mastered the world’s fast lanes for driving expertise. But its quest for domination is not ending there as it has teamed up with a group of German scientists to build a car fit to be sent to the moon. As per our picture above, this is Audi's very own lunar rover which it will send up to the moon in late 2017. Built in collaboration with a Berlin-based team of scientists for a competition called the Google Lunar Xprize which aims to transport an unmanned rover onto the moon. Sixteen teams from various countries across the world are competing to put a vehicle on the exact landing spot of the Apollo 17, which made it to the moon in 1972. The biggest question that you may be pondering is why? Well there is a $30 million prize awarded to the winners but it is a pretty huge step for science with potential for new discoveries about the moon and the car itself. The actual car that is being made involved 16 engineers who helped to reduce the weight by eight kilograms and have added a Quattro four-wheel drive transmission, an e-Tron hybrid power train that uses fuel or electricity and, of course, and the four rings Audi logo to the bonnet. Mileage is set to be 238,607 and once it has arrived on the surface of the moon, it is going to have to navigate the local terrain for 500 metres before beaming back high resolution images to earth. We cannot wait!

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