Britain is the Third Biggest Buyer of Electric Cars in Europe

It is hard to drive down a busy main road in Britain these days without seeing (or not hearing!) an electric car and there now actually seems to be proof of this as it has been confirmed that Britain is the third biggest buyer of electric cars in Europe.

The uprising in electric cars has now seen Europe nearing the half a million mark and is likely to hit this within 2016. Supporting the growing movement, Halfords has committed to provide servicing for all electric vehicles at its autocentres by 2018. With 300 centres spread across the UK this makes owning an electric car that bit easier and more achievable for a lot of households and will only help push ownership up further. Ultimately this means the electric car will surely no longer be thought of as a niche purchase, but rather a feasible alternative to owning a petrol or diesel car. Further backing comes from the Government, with Britain’s Transport Minister John Hayes pledging £35million to increase the take up of electric and hybrid vehicles. With China in the lead worldwide and Europe coming in second, Britain’s third place behind only the Netherlands and Norway firmly demonstrates our interest and early adopter status in electric car take-up.

At Sell Your Jamjar, we are already starting to see an increase in the number of electric cars we are buying from customers and can only see us purchasing more as demand continue to rise for new ones.

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