Chargie – the ‘AirBnB’ for Electric Car Drivers

New business Chargie was born when, despite there being around 12,500 public charge points in the UK, founders Jan Stannard and Jeremy Coulter still failed to locate a suitable off-road charge point to see them safely back from a planned road trip to Dartmouth.

The new concept works in a similar way to Airbnb but for electric cars. Electric vehicle owners register on the Chargie website and offer other drivers in the EV community a location to charge their car. The cost of charging an electric car is about £3 but Chargie users cans set their own prices (recommended to be between £3 and £6). Clients pre-book to use a charge point, so charge point owners can prepare in advance for their visit.

The service is currently in the testing phase but is due to officially launch sometime towards the end of this month. The team behind Chargie also plan to launch an app within the next few months to make their service even more accessible to all.

The idea also supports the wider adoption of electric vehicles and if the service proves a success, it could be expanded worldwide.

Jan Stannard is quoted as saying: “We want Chargie to help make electric cars the dominant form of transport in the UK, not just for short local runs, which is how many electric cars are currently used.”

If you want to register your home charge point on the Chargie network, the website is

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