How long has the RAC been around?

Are you familiar with the RAC? Find out all about the RAC and just how long they have been here helping its customers to get where they need to be.

Did you know that the RAC is one of the UK’s biggest breakdown services? Some would say it’s one of the best, but what do you think?

Where it all began

The Royal Automobile Club, also known as the RAC, has over 8 million members, which is a serious number of people who are putting their trust in the RAC, don’t you think? Founded back in 1897 by Frederick Richard Simms, the RAC has years of history under its belt and has been attending to stricken vehicles for a good while now. It’s fair to say that the company has been at the forefront of the motoring services industry and we can’t see that changing anytime soon.


The RAC attends around 2.8 million breakdowns each year, whether it be at-home assistance or garage support, the RAC can provide you with a whole load of support and unlimited callouts too if you have an advanced and ultimate policy! With a policy like this, it means you don’t have to worry about a thing, your car can be towed anywhere in the UK and you’ll also be supplied with a hire car too if needed while your car is being repaired, fancy ay?

Operating 24/7, breakdown assistance is there for you all year round and has been for donkeys of years now. Covering 47 European countries, the RAC also offers vehicles checks and examinations that show if a car has been stolen, written off, or has any outstanding finance. It’s that kitted out they can even tell you if a vehicle is at risk of being sold illegally and whether its number plate and chassis number correspond.

That’s not all the RAC has to offer. It can also provide you with travel and traffic services, as well as online route planners, and help with travel documents and in-car navigation too.

Team RAC

The RAC has well and truly developed over the years, without a doubt. So much so that in 2006, it teamed up with West Surrey Racing to form Team RAC. It raced in the British Touring Car Championship and the racing cars were blasted in the gorgeous bright orange RAC logo that we all know and love today. They bagged themselves a good few wins, including the Independent Drivers Championship for three years straight!

Where are the RAC now? Today, the RAC are leaders in the development of Telematics and remote vehicle diagnostics. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Members also have access to updated legal and technical advice, insurance services, and up-to-the-minute travel information, as well as the classic roadside assistance model.

The RAC has also been busy campaigning to support motorists; in 2015 their Fuel Watch campaign was launched to bring greater transparency to the fuel market with the aim to get a fairer reflection of wholesale fuel prices at the pump and since then it’s been go, go, go!

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