Should electric cars be forced to make a noise?

Nobody should be forced to do anything, but does the same go for cars? Find out more about electric cars and how they now have to make a noise here.

Have you ever had that moment and you think the coast is clear, then bam! Out of nowhere, there’s an electric car bearing down on you. It’s at times like this when we ask ourselves should electric cars be forced to make a noise?

Electric cars making an artificial acceleration noise sounds crazy but at the end of the day, it sounds similar to your conventional everyday engine. So to help prevent electric cars from being too silent, the Government has let us all know that any new types of electric or hybrid vehicles, will now have to have an acoustic sound system. Basically, this means that they will have to feature a noise-emitting device, which is hoped to help reduce putting pedestrians at risk because they will now be able to hear them on their approach.

It’s not rocket science really, and while having a silent engine might have been great, you normally hear a car before you see one so it makes sense that electric cars have engine sounds too. One reason behind this artificial noise regulation could be to help electric vehicles be heard by those more vulnerable pedestrians, for example, those that are visually impaired. So, if your electric car needs to make a bit of noise from now on, you’d of course make it so that the noise is something exciting, right?

On the other hand, there’s just something about fake noise that really gets to us Brits. Sometimes there’s just nothing worse than when you hear that fake and over-the-top engine noise, that some car enthusiasts crave, but deep down inside it just makes you want to cringe inside that a car engine can sound so fake. But what are we saying about electric cars, do we let them off because they don’t actually make any noise to start with?

From a safety perspective, it makes sense that electric cars do have engine noise as this will be able to be heard by everyone. Without a doubt, there have to be more hazards posed by having quiet electric vehicles than noise ones. The safety of pedestrians and cyclists has to be the main priority here and giving them the confidence to feel safe when crossing the road would be a big win.

So if electric cars have now gone from making no noise at all to being forced to make some sort of artificial noise, they may as well have a bit of fun with it, right? We’re quite fond of the idea of electric car makers getting creative with their noises, who doesn’t want to drive an electric car that sounds like an absolute rocket.

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