The Ford Bronco – Now vs Then

It's been one of Ford's biggest sellers, so you can see what the hype is around the new Ford Bronco. Here's a classic car comparison of the Ford Bronco now vs then.

We all have our favourite Ford and if you say that you don’t, you’re lying. No doubt about it though, the Ford Bronco is definitely up there on the top five Fords of all time, it has to be.

This is how the Bronco has changed over the years and you’ll see what led to its 25-year break before it made its comeback.

Built some 30 years ago, beginning in 1966, the Ford Bronco hit the ground running. It gained a massive following that still continues to this day and the excitement for this iconic SUV just gets better and better as they revealed the all-new Bronco last year.

They have done us all proud and brought the Bronco nameplate back to the market and what a feeling that is. It’s obvious that the 2021 model was designed and inspired with the original Bronco in mind, according to Top Speed, with the most obvious difference being that it’s gone from just two doors to four doors for this modern SUV.

The 2021 model is different in terms of its interior, features, and technology compared to its 55-year-old grandfather, but of course, it would be.

Original Ford Bronco

Sporty, comfortable, and capable accurately described the 1966 Ford Bronco upon its debut. It was known for being the “all-purpose vehicle” and was designed to blow away the competition. Focusing primarily on high performance, what really made the Bronco stand out from the cloud was how capable it was of getting you to where you needed to be through tough off-road obstacles and conditions.

With a body-on-frame design, a short wheelbase and overhangs, the new model was designed to be fun and sassy off-road while bringing us a more classy alternative than the Jeep. When it came to the launch of the new model Ford referred to the new Bronco as being “a completely new line of sports-utility vehicles”, which was the first time an American auto manufacturer like Ford Bronco has ever used the term SUV.

Under the bonnet

So, the original Bronco was a compact car that was 151.5 inches long and 68.5 inches wide, whereas the new Bronco is now much bigger and classified as a midsize SUV. With two choices of engines, the original Bronco definitely had the upper hand, says Edmunds, providing a 2.8-litre inline six-cylinder as well as a 4.7-litre V8 engine, just like the new one. To be fair, who wouldn’t want a V8 in their Bronco?

If you’re a lover of raw power though, the new Bronco will be right up your street with its 2.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder. It’s estimated to make 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque, whereas the 2.8-litre Bronco makes 105hp. The old lump might make some lovely noises, but if truth be told it’s only good for up to around 200hp.

Don’t forget about the optional 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 in the new Bronco too, which is good for 310 hp and a massive 400 lb-ft. So what if you don’t get to shift the V6 for yourself, it’s no different than the original Bronco with its three speeds that you have to choose from.

Creature comforts

If you remember the old Bronco came in three configurations; the wagon, the pickup, and the roadster. Three choices to choose from are better than having just two, which is what you have with the new Bronco. Edmunds has commented and said that the original Bronco is “impractical and questionable” in terms of its value compared to the new Bronco where its body just makes more sense in this day and age.

Everyone loves home comforts and it’s the same with the Bronco too. If you love a good heater, then the original can cover you for that, but for things like radios, carpets, and insulation, you’re better off looking elsewhere. The original Bronco is kitted out bare minimal, but back then just a seat and the steering wheel were all you needed.

New Bronco continuing the legacy

Now then, the moment that you’ve been waiting for – let’s get down to it and talk about the stunning 2021 Ford Bronco. If you’re a believer in nothing beats the classics, then the badass new Bronco will have nothing on the original but watch how it can put it to shame with its stunning new features.
So the new Bronco is pretty expensive, let’s not beach about the bush. For an upgraded package Bronco you could be looking at around $40,000, that’s with a four-door setup too. When you see it in the flesh though, you’ll see just how much of a stunner it is and worth every penny. Compared to the original, the 1966 Bronco is around $10,000 after inflation.
Styling is very clearly at the heart of the Bronco and the 2021 Bronco has 100% tried to replicate the original. One thing that has remained is that like the original, the new Bronco has been built for off-road adventures and Jeep is clearly still Ford’s target too.

The original Bronco is amazing and if you like a light adventure with a car that has minimal features, then this is for you. If the original isn’t for you and you’re not a collector who likes original versions, 2021 is the way forward for you.

The 2021 version has all of the original’s good looks with some added amenities to help make everyday driving just that little bit more adventurous and fun! The Bronco’s style is iconic, you’ve got to agree with that. Ford blew us away with the original and done the same again with the 2021 Bronco too. Whichever you buy, you’re going to love it whether it’s the classic or not and both original and new are both equally good off-road machines.

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