What kind of car paint protection can I get?

Looking to shield your car? You can protect your car with some paint sealant. But what kind does your car need and is it worth it? We've got it all covered here.

It’s a fact of life that your car is going to pick up some chips and scratches here ad there and that’s where car paint protection comes in. Seal the deal and keep your car’s paint protected with the best car paint protection that’s cheap, cheerful and can easily be done at home. This is what it is ad why you should get it.

Should you bother?

Before we dive in, let’s see if you think car paint protection is worth it. There’s no straight answer, apart from, if the appearance of your car matters to you, then go for it. The cost of high-end treatment may not be the best option for you, but there are always some home solutions you could try as well. You’d be surprised at how much your car paintwork can take a hammering, from things like UV rays, much, grit, and sap.

If you have a garage though, or maybe you won’t be using your car as much on long drives or motorways, the paint protection might not be the one for you. If you do a lot of mileage though and you can notice the chips to your paint now and then, it might be worth an idea. If paint protection can make it harder for dirt and bird droppings to stick to your paintwork, then what have you got to lose? It’s worth a shot if it means your car is easier to clean and it stays that little bit shinier for longer.

What are your options?


Whether you decide to go to a professional valet or you decide to do your car yourself and save a wedge, there are so many different ways you can protect your car’s paintwork.

The first one is by washing it regularly. As much as you might dread it and do anything you can to put yourself off doing it, the longer the bird droppings and tree sap sit on your car’s paintwork, the more chance there is of damage.

If you can, washing it weekly or monthly is ideal and by hand too. Car washes are great, but not the bee’s knees when it comes to getting rid of all the dirt, especially with some of the brushes sometimes that can cause unwanted scratches.

Car waxes

For DIY options that you can do at home, this will be right up your street. From natural to ceramics and graphene alternatives, there is so much to choose from. Car waxing is a tried and tested method that you’ll find in both liquid forms and as a paste. A good wax will leave you with a great layer of protection and go even better alongside a little polish to give you that glossy finish too.

Carnauba wax has to be the most common type of car wax that you’ll probably ever come across. It’s a tough cookie, goes well with polish, and knows how to look good when you’re trying to make that paintwork shine.

Of course, a liquid is easier to apply than a paste, but whatever floats your boat and whichever you prefer. A spray would be even easier too if you wanted to go that far. A paste would create a thicker layer for you, where liquid can be a good middle ground.

Just remember, that applying wax isn’t a two-second job, it takes time. Your car would need to be cleaned, dried then waxed. Once you’ve done that and gave it a good buffing too, you’re good to go.


When you apply a ceramic coating to your car’s paintwork, the strong bond that is created and applied to the surface is next level. Ceramics are so strong that they make it so hard for any substances to cling to your paintwork, and that’s what we all want at the end of the day, right?

Either as a liquid or a spray, they are so easy to apply and can last years in some cases. Ceramic is like the next upgrade from wax, especially if we’re talking about protection and durability, then this is it.

One of the major bonuses of ceramic coatings is that you can use it on any exterior surface, including glass, trim, wheels, and even your headlights. You’ve got the sprays, which are so fast to apply but you’ll still need a clean and dry surface. The main thing is that you don’t rush the application and take your time. It’s not too difficult, but slow and steady wins the race.


If you’re looking for an even further upgrade, then this is it. Newer than ceramics, Graphene car care products have the magic touch that just bonds so easily to your car’s surface. Durability is second to none when it comes to Graphene, that’s what it’s all about.

Graphene products are so user-friendly, that you just can’t go wrong with them. You could pick from a multi-surface spray or a three-piece paint care kit, these are probably the easiest anyway that you could get along with. For what they are, they are worth a shot. If you want proper durable paint protection, then the ceramic will do that. If it’s an even higher level of protection that you want, and something that’s easy to use, this is it.


What none of the above options do is protect you fully against any scratches and any chips, but they will give it a good go. They can protect you from the odd light scratch here and there, but if it’s a higher level of protection that you’re looking for, maybe a professional painter who can paint and protect your car is what you’re after.

You can get the gist that it’s a long-lasting spray that is quick and durable that is going to do the trick for you. Ceramic is a great option and provides the best protection, but Graphene just tips it for us. The ceramic takes a while to apply and it’s not always the cheapest. The waxes are easy enough, especially if you’ve used them before, then you know the drill and what to expect with those.

The decision is down to you and which one you pick to help protect your car’s paint, depends on your wants and needs. Hopefully, this has just made it that little bit easier for you.

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