What will the future of driving lessons look like?

It's surprising how much driverless cars will change our future. Most people would agree that driverless cars are the future and here’s how they are going to change yours, especially when it comes to driving lessons.

The driverless car

The dinky two-seater has a stop-go button but no steering wheel, pedals, or controls. Sounds mad, doesn’t it? It might be a little slower than your used to with a max speed of 25mph, but you won’t have to do a lot in the car.

So, if this is the future, you can imagine what future driving lessons are going to look like. The only question is, how will these slow-moving cars fit in with the UK’s current roads?

The Highway Code might even need to be modified too, imagine that! All these changes for cars that are ready to revolutionise our roads. Does sound too good to be true or great knowing that people will be able to get around easily and safely without being tired, drunk, or any distracted driving.

How do self-driving cars work?

Without getting too technical, the simple answer to this question is by using various cameras and sensors. The idea is that this clever car can predict any hazards on the road and then break or accelerate if needed. It also has built-in navigation and computer driving tech, it's got everything you need really.

So, what does the future look like for new drivers?

Many people learn to drive for the thrill of it. It's an experience, to say the least, and exciting getting to grips with the road. It can give huge pleasure for most people and others love the fact that they can learn and be on the road to driving independently, what’s not to love?

Are driverless cars going to kill the thrill that new drivers are after? For many new drivers, driving is something that many can’t live without but what about conventionally driven ones? Will they go out the window? How about letting them be driven by the driver but under the total control of itself?

In an ideal world, car manufacturers will be able to develop cars that can slow down by themselves and avoid danger. Who knows, these smarty-pants might even be able to recognise the speed limit too and restrict drivers from going any faster, now wouldn’t that be mint!

All this would be in an ideal world. Give new drivers the pleasure of driving, while keeping it all totally safe and in a controlled environment, keeping accidents down to zero.

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