Classic car industry asked how to ‘future-proof’ iconic models as part of government study

Did you know that the classic car industry has been invited to have its say on the best way to preserve iconic models for future generations?

The government recently launched a call for evidence to gather views on how classic and historic cars can be future-proofed.

This forum is open to drivers, enthusiasts, and industry experts, aiming to boost jobs in the £18 billion classic car sector, according to Car Dealer Magazine.

Since the 1980s, policies on how classic cars are registered after being restored and upgraded have largely remained the same, without accounting for improving historic vehicles with modern technology.

The DVLA is seeing proposals from drivers

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is now seeking proposals from drivers, classic car enthusiasts, and the industry to help historic vehicles transition into the 21st century.

The goal is to prioritize road safety while retaining accurate vehicle records. Potential changes could make it easier to register vehicles, fully recognizing their value, while protecting prospective buyers. According to GOV.UK, modifications to classic cars to improve performance and retrofitting them with electric powertrains are being considered.

With iconic classics like James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, Inspector Morse’s MkII Jaguar, and the Belfast-built DMC DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’ firmly embedded in popular culture, this call for evidence provides an opportunity for enthusiasts and the motoring industry to shape the future of these motoring icons.

Better preservation of classic cars can also drive tourism to iconic classic car shows, such as the Goodwood Revival. Given that the classic car industry employs around 113,000 skilled people and contributes significantly to the economy, this initiative aims to support jobs in the heritage car industry and promote British excellence both in the UK and globally.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: ‘The way we restore and protect classic cars has not kept up with the times’

Transport Secretary, Mark Harper, emphasized the need to adapt classic car restoration and protection practices to evolving technologies, inviting industry experts and enthusiasts to contribute their insights for the benefit of future generations.

Commenting on the latest news, Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: ‘The way we restore and protect classic cars has not kept up with the times and evolving technologies, which is why we are calling for industry and enthusiasts to have their say on how to best protect these British classics for decades to come.

‘Alongside our record £8.3bn increase to resurface local roads and the 30-point Plan for Drivers, today’s call for evidence is the latest part of the government’s plan to back drivers, support skilled jobs, and grow the economy.’

So, if you’re passionate about classic cars, now’s your chance to have a say in shaping their future!

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