How to Celebrate National Car Care Month?

April is National Car Care month! So here's some advice, tips and tricks for looking after your car. It's so important to take care fo your car so take a look!

Did you know that April is National Car Care Month? Well not to worry if you didn’t as you do now and that serves as a great reminder for all of us to ensure that we are looking after our vehicles and that we’re giving them the attention that they deserve. Let’s be honest, caring for our vehicles during the winter can prove to be rather challenging, but now that its spring, it’s time to celebrate and devote our attention to car care because it’s the perfect time to check out any winter damage that may have been caused and ensure its health is on top form. So how can you do that you may ask?

Here are our top tips to help make you the most of National Car Care month:


As you will see from our last blog post, we’re all about giving our vehicles a thorough good spring clean this month so our first top tip for celebrating National Car Care month is to give your car a good clean. You’ve got to admit that there’s just no better feeling than driving around in a freshly cleaned car both inside and out. Chuck out any items that you don’t need anymore and reduce the clutter of all of those compartments. Your car will be sparkling again in no time with a little car care and you’ll be feeling totally refreshed in your fresh ride.


Your engine oil is probably one of the most important things that helps to keep your car running so changing this oil is crucial. Once your engine oil gets old, it’s important not to delay in changing it. If you neglect this specific part of car care, don’t worry as you’re not alone, but if you want to extend the lifespan of your engine, which I’m sure most of us do, then do try to ensure that you change your oil when necessary. By not changing your oil your engine can perform poorly, produce more wear and tear and could also cause some damage to your engine.


With all that wet and miserable weather over the recent months, you’ve probably been using your wipers a lot more and they can take a right beating during those cold wintery months so it’s likely that they will need replacing. You can usually tell from inspecting your wipers as to whether or not they need replacing. For example, do they look dry, cracked or can you spot any dry-rotting? If so, then replace these wipers with some fresh ones so that they’re all ready for the spring. You may be surprised at just how much changing your wipers can make a difference.


Many of us often forget to check out tyre pressure so don’t worry, but it should form part of our routine maintenance. If you’ve been driving with snow tyres, then it’s probably a good time to think about changing them now. Checking that your tyres are properly inflated is key as if they’re not, then this could cause wear and tear and leave the tread bald. Also, with the change in the weather, the temperature fluctuations can affect your tyres and potentially cause them to either lose or gain pressure so don’t neglect them this month.

Although we celebrate national car care in April, don’t forget that it’s important to keep our cars in good working condition all year round and not just for April. Keeping our vehicles in shape all year round can really help to keep the costs down as it helps to avoid forking out a big lump sum all in one go for any maintenance repairs. Keep our top tips in mind all year to help keep your vehicle on top form.

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