Toyota chairman apologises as Japanese carmakers are found to have cheated vehicle tests

Did you know that Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda has apologized after an investigation found ‘massive’ scale cheating on vehicle certification tests?

The fraudulent testing at Japan’s top automaker involved inadequate or outdated data in collision tests, incorrect testing of airbag inflation and rear-seat damage in crashes, and falsified engine power tests says Global Village Space.

As a result, Toyota has suspended production of the Corolla Fielder, Corolla Axio, and Yaris Cross in Japan. However, the safety of vehicles already on the roads, including the Corolla subcompact and Lexus luxury vehicles, has not been affected.

Toyota chairman, Akio Toyoda, has expressed his sincere apologies during a press conference in Tokyo, bowing deeply as is customary in Japan when companies apologize for misbehavior as he told the assembled media: ‘We sincerely apologise’ says Car Dealer Magazine.

He later added: ‘We are not a perfect company. But if we see anything wrong, we will take a step back and keep trying to correct it.’

A statement in response to the investigation was posted on Toyota’s global media site too, informing everyone that they take this seriously, says Autoblog.

Other Japanese automakers, such as Mazda and Honda, also reported similar irregular certification testing, according to AP News.

Mayzda and Honda also acknowledged certification testing irregularities and halted production of affected models, the Roadster and Mazda 2. Mazda also admitted to using incorrect engine control software in their tests, according to Global Village Space.The safety of the vehicles from these automakers is not compromised, says Autoblog.

All in all, Toyota’s investigation into testing methods and certification processes has uncovered wrongdoing that’s for sure. Despite this incident, we’ve no doubt that Toyota will continue to do what they do best. They will continue to strive correct any mistakes and uphold their commitment to excellence.

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