What Are the Best New Automotive Technologies for 2019?

There's a lot of new car technology on the market, but what really is the best? Making cars safer and stay more connected, here are what we think are considered to be the best automotive technologies for this year.

With the latest technology moving into more and more vehicles each year, these new features allow drivers to have a better view of their surroundings and could also help aid towards preventing road traffic collisions. Of course, when you’re shopping for a new car, the powertrain is highly important, but so is all the technology within the car, and is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

So, when the time comes and you’re looking for your new shiny purchase, here are just some of the latest technology features that you may want to seek out and ensure that your new car comes equipped with.

1. High resolution, multi-angle surround view cameras

Surround-view cameras are slowly moving from the luxury vehicles into the more mainstream, allowing for visibility to be massively improved on the outside, while minimising blind spots and assisting with parking. These cameras essentially provide our vehicles with added safety, which should hopefully lead to fewer accidents. You may be thinking that this is just another piece of technology, but it can be really helpful, especially in larger vehicles.

2. Apple car play and android auto

You may already be aware that many infotainment systems are not that user-friendly, which is why Apply CarPlay and Android Auto are great and easy to use. Apple Carplay and Android Auto allow you to take advantage of your apps by simply plugging in your smartphone and connecting it to the infotainment system. So, if you’re looking at purchasing a new car anytime soon, it’s definitely worth taking into consideration this modern feature.

3. Wireless charging

Well we’re tired of trying to keep track of all the different charging cords, aren’t we? The great news is that there’s no need to anymore as many manufacturers now offer a feature of being able to wirelessly charge your device. Typically located in the centre console, wireless charging replaces the need for any charging cables, allowing you to never worry about your phone battery running low when you’re out and about again. Wireless charging is a great feature to have if you don’t already.

4. Vehicle control via an app

Using an app on your phone you can now interact with your car, how great is that? Start the car, sound the horn or even flash your lights, with this technology you’re able to monitor the area around your vehicle. You can park your car and double-check from afar whether or not you remembered to lock it and some even allow for you to leave your keys at home. Surely anything that allows for you to leave them chunky big keys at home is worth a further look.

5. Steering avoidance

We’re slowly moving towards an automated future and some cars are now able to automatically swerve and miss objects in the road, thanks to steering avoidance systems. Steering avoidance systems are a big step and are there to function during situations where coming to a halt and avoiding a collision just isn’t possible. You may think that right now this is just a new piece of fancy technology that you don’t need, but you’d be incredibly grateful if this new feature helped save you from an accident.

6. Digital gauges

Replacing old physical gauges, digital gauges are aimed at creating a dynamic screen that is capable of sharing more information. These digital gauges can provide you with better information regarding your vehicle’s performance, such as fuel and they can also incorporate navigation directions. So, if you love your high-tech features, you’ll appreciate a digital gauge and it can be of such a big help.

7. Road scanning

We all want a smoother and quicker ride and with this more advanced feature of road scanning, you can grasp a quieter ride and overall better handling of your vehicle. Although this piece of technology isn’t widely available as of yet, this feature works by using a camera to scan the road ahead for any imperfections and can adjust your vehicle’s suspension if necessary. It’s advanced, but it’s so good.

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