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What are the Safest Cars for Sale in the UK 2019?

July 1, 2019

Safety is a key consideration for many motorists when it comes to purchasing a new car. Choosing a new car can be a difficult decision anyway without having to think about how safe it will be too. Selecting a car on this basis can be challenging as safety technology is constantly advancing and we all want our vehicles to be well equipped with the latest bits and pieces and not just with the standard anti-lock brakes, electronic stability programmes and ISOFIX child-seat mounts.


So to help you out and before you go looking at any new ’19’ registration plates, check out our list of the best models that have recently received five stars from Euro NCAP safety tests:

1. SEAT Tarraco The SEAT Tarraco receives a five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP safety tests, meaning that the vehicle is currently one of the safest on the market. As well as protecting those inside the vehicle, the SEAT Tarraco is also designed to protect pedestrians and cyclists. Offering a wide range of safety systems, such as emergency assist and blind-spot detection, the SEAT Tarraco is definitely a vehicle of supreme safety and is considered to be well above its fellow SUV competitors on the market.

2. Mercedes-Benz G-Class Despite numerous updates, the G-class is very much considered to be an old SUV that is now boasting incredible safety credentials. Although it’s equipped with plenty of equipment to ensure that an accident doesn’t happen, it also features automatic braking just in case you fail to react in time and plenty of electronics to help you keep an eye of the flow of traffic around you.

3. Honda CR-V It received five-starts in 2013 and it’s done it again this year, despite the tests getting tougher. Regardless of the poor rating for the rear-seat whiplash protection, the Honda CR-V features some cracking safety and driver-assist technologies as well as radar and camera information and high-tech sensors.

4. Audi e-tron The Audi e-tron received some fairly decent scores in the latest Euro NCAP with the German SUV featuring safety systems such as autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning and a speed limiter. Packed with plenty of gadgets to prevent an accident occurring when you’re on the road, the Audi e-tron can provide quality and safety.

5. Citroen C5 Aircross Citroen may have a little bit of a sketchy past in terms of safety issues but there’s no doubt about safety when it comes to that of the Citroen C5 Aircross. Equipped with plenty of standard technology aimed at preventing the risk of accident, the Citroen C5 Aircross Flair Plus models also feature traffic sign recognition and highway driver assist, which provides semi-autonomous control in motorway traffic conditions.

6. Lexus UX Lexus has an enviable reputation when it comes to safety and they haven’t failed to uphold these safety standards with the Lexus UX. Offering the Lexus Safety System+ package, which features autonomous emergency braking and active cruise control amongst various other things, there’s also a semi-autonomous mode for driving in stop-start traffic and a rear-view camera to aid with manoeuvring.

7. Range Rover Evoque Jaguar Land Rovers are well-known for performing well in crash tests and it looks like the Range Rover Evoque is following suit as this SUV managed to receive the highest child occupant safety rating in this year’s Euro NCAP. If you’re considering purchasing a Range Rover Evoque, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s super safe and has performed outstandingly in all of its tested areas. So not only is it pretty, it performs highly in terms of protection and you wouldn’t want to miss out.

8. Mazda 3 With its exceptional driving dynamics having thought to contribute towards the Mazda’s five-star achievement, it’s both easier and safer to drive. It’s predictable acceleration, braking, handling and steering are thought to make the Mazda 3 much safer and therefore reduce the risk of any accidents without these features compromising any of the traditional Mazda 3 features.

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