What to do after a car accident

When you have a car accident, there are a couple of things that you should do to cover your back. To find out more, have a browse of this article.

Scrapping your car after a car accident is a great way of being able to recover some of the costs, which you might have to deal with due to the loss of your vehicle. So if you can make a bit of money from your beaten-up car, then why not? But before any of that, here’s a checklist of what you might want to be aware of after a car accident.

1. Switch the engine off

It sounds obvious but when you’re in a panic state, who knows what you’re going to do. All we know is that stopping the car and switching the engine off should be the first thing that anyone should do who’s just been in an accident. If you can, try and position your car so that it’s not blocking the road or causing a danger to others, the last thing anyone wants is for any more accidents. The scariest one of all though is when you’re involved in a hit and run and the other driver just drives away from the scene! If this happens, the police will take this very seriously.

2. Have a good look at yourself

Although at the time of an accident, you might not feel any immediate pain you might feel it afterwards. That’s why it’s always a good idea to get checked out straight away to see if you have any injuries. It might be the last thing on your mind, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

3. Dial 999

Let’s admit it, nobody likes calling this number but sadly, sometimes we’ve just got to do it. We might not like it, but it’s got to be done. If you’re not ringing this number for an ambulance due to injuries sustained from the accident, you’ll need to ring it for the police. Or you may be ringing it for both, depending on the nature of your accident.

4. Limit your chit chat with the other party

If you haven’t got a pen and some paper, your phone will do. You just need something so that you can take down the details of everybody involved in the accident, most importantly, their name and address, as well as all the other usual details like the make, model and registration number, etc. If there’s one thing that you take from reading this blog, it should be to never say sorry or take the blame for what happened as this could go against you. Say nothing. It’s also a good idea to do a bit of digging to try and find out whether the other driver is the registered keeper of the vehicle. If not, then you’ll definitely want to know who is as for all you know, it could be a company car.

5. Can anyone back you up

It’s always a good idea to have a scout round to see if there are any witnesses as someone might be able to back up your version of events. It’s not the end of the world if there was no one around, but it could just help you that little bit more when it comes to claiming who’s at fault. If you do find somebody, getting their details and keeping them safe could be a real help. This is because when it’s time to get statements, everybody loves a statement from a witness as they generally tend to be unbiased.

6. Get some shots of the damage

We all love to get our phones out and now is definitely the time to do so. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a good camera or not, getting some pictures of the accident could make a real difference for an insurance claim.

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