How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

You might be feeling ready for spring, but the question is, is your car? To help restore your car after all that wintery weather, check out our ultimate checklist on how you can prepare your car ready for spring.

We very often hear about how we should prepare our cars for the winter for the snow and ice that we envisage falling upon us. However, we often neglect preparing them for those warmer months such as spring. Many of us prepare our homes ready for the spring and this is also a perfect time for us to refresh our cars too. So it’s time to put that shovel away and get ready for those warm and sunny days that lay ahead. Spring will be upon us very shortly so here are some steps you should consider taking to get your car ready.

Here are our top tips on how to get your car ready for spring:

1. Get rid of that winter grime

Given that we live in quite a rather cold climate, where we quite often expect lots of rain and strong winds, you’re probably already aware that your car’s exterior can suffer as a result of some pretty nasty weather during the cold winter months. Now that we’re approaching the cooler months, you may want to think about giving your car a thorough was using either a hose or a pressure wash to remove the salt build up it has picked up while driving.

2. What’s your tyre pressure saying

You may already be aware of this, but if not, did you know that the change in temperature can do some not so pleasant things to the rubber on your tyres. These changes in temperature can also affect the air within your tyres, so it’s a good idea to check your tyre pressure. While you’re checking on your pressure, it’s also a good idea to check for any alignment issues. Your day-to-day driving and hitting the odd pothole here and there or the impact the winter weather may have had on your vehicle can cause improper alignment, so it’s great to get this checked out too.

3. Check your fluids

There are many important fluids within your car from power steering fluids and transmission fluids to brake and coolant fluids. Your car needs multiple fluids in order to function properly but many people fail to realise this or that their fluids are low until it’s too late as their car is damaged. It’s a good idea to check your fluids on a regular basis to prevent any damage from being caused to your car.

4. Replace your wiper blades

Your wiper blades work very hard all year round removing all that dirt and debris that your car picks up while you’re driving. Your wiper blades receive a proper workout and are subject to general wear and tear, which is why you may want to consider changing these now that it’s coming to spring. Helping to provide you with the best visibility while driving, your wiper blades need to be able to perform properly so if they’re streaking, replace them.

5. Put your foot down on the brakes

Are your brakes squeaky or do they sound like they’re grinding? If so, you may find that you’re brakes need repairing. Your brakes are a crucial component on your car and even if you think they’re not a major problem, if you suspect that there is something wrong then you need to go and get your brakes checked out before they brake altogether and before the cost of repairs increases.

6. Is it time for an oil change

During the colder months, many cars use thinner oil as it flows more easily and ensures that your car starts more easily. As spring approaches, it’s a good idea to begin thinking about changing your oil and perhaps using a thicker one too. Oil becomes dirty so changing your car’s oil will mean that your engine performs well and means that there is less chance of your car breaking down. For a healthy car, change your oil when needed and take care to ensure you’re using the correct oil for your car.

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