Faraday Futures unveils SUV at CES 2017

Kicking off CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the unveiling of the ‘weird-pretty’ FF91 prototype certainly got everyone’s attention.

And that was precisely the aim of the Electric Vehicle start-up, trying to make a name for itself in an already crowded marketplace and rumours of funding challenges.

The FF91 will have a range of about 378 miles (608 km) per charge. Its electric motors will generate a combined 1,050 horsepower. It has a spacious interior and no handles as doors will open on the approach of its driver. Holograms projected onto the windscreen will provide driver information. The vehicle will also be equipped with sensors, cameras, radar and lidar which will enable it to be easily converted to ‘self-driving’ in the future.

Faraday debuted at CES last year with a prototype that they never intended to put into production, raising concerns over the legitimacy of the business, so Faraday executives are keen to show people that they have a real product and not just a gimmick to grab attention.

This year’s CES delegates were treated to a live indoor drag race which demonstrated the car’s speed against that of Bentley, a Ferrari and the Tesla S P100D. The FF 91 was the winner on speed, and if Faraday Future’s claims that it can achieve 60mph in 2.39 seconds are to be believed, this vehicle would become the second-fastest production car ever made.

According to Auto Express, close to 65,000 reservations were placed within the first 48 hours of the car’s reveal - so watch this space.

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